Premier Designs: A WAHM's Guide


Premier Designs was started in 1985 by Joan and Andy Horner. The company has a religious background, as it was begun to help support ministries. The philosophies of the business are also faith enriched, stating they view life's priorities as God first, then family, then career. They wish to offer as many people as possible the chance to become financially independent through their business opportunity. Premier Designs extends their opportunity to women within the United States and Puerto Rico.

Getting Started with Premier Designs

To begin selling Premier Designs jewelry, you will need to submit an application form to a consultant. The company offers two start-up kits, one of which must be purchased in order for you to begin. The basic one is priced at $395, while the larger one costs $750. Premier Designs also offers a credit line to their consultants, so that they can charge the start up products, as well as jewelry, and pay for it later when they have begun doing shows and earning money. You are not required to keep an inventory, but it is beneficial to have a few pieces of jewelry to show off at the home shows.

Compensation with Premier Designs

Premier Designs consultants earn 50% commission on the retail price of the jewelry. Since it is a direct sales company, you earn the money the moment the order is placed. Once you have been paid, you will order the products at your cost. The average home show earns $400, meaning $200 for you to keep in your pocket. Consultants also earn 10% in commission on the wholesale of their first three levels in their downline. These earnings are awarded via check each month. Many consultants work part-time and earn an average of $1000 each month.

Thriving with Premier Designs

There are two primary ways to make the most of the Premier Designs opportunity. The first is to conduct several parties a month. Part-time consultants average 4-5 parties a month, while full-time associates do more. The shows take 2-3 hours, so earning an average of $200 for that amount of time is not bad. The other thing you can do to earn more cash with the company is recruit new consultants. Premier designs uplines and downlines work like families. The people directly under you are your "children," with the second level below being your "grandchildren," and so on. Each new consultant will earn you even more commissions.

Is Premier Designs for You?

WAHM's with sales experience could thrive with Premier Designs. You must have a few hours a week available for parties in order to be successful. Though the company operates on catalog orders, having a client base is not very effective for this type of business, as people do not need jewelry regularly as they do beauty products and other merchandise. The start-up costs are a bit higher than other companies, so it is essential to be dedicated to making the most of the opportunity.


Premier Designs offer a great warranty on their products. Each piece of jewelry is backed by a "Golden Guarantee," meaning they will be replaced for free if found to have a manufacturer's defect within 60 days. After 60 days of purchase, the item will be replaced for a $5 fee.


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