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Potty Training for Girls vs Boys: Is There a Difference?


Potty training for girls often seems to come quicker than for boys. Although every child is different, it may actually take longer for boys to complete the process due to some factors of nature. There are some other aspects that may make a difference in your potty training success.


It may take a little longer to fully potty train your boy if you teach him to sit first, then stand. This process takes some time and patience. Girls, on the the other hand, totally miss this second complicated step simply because of genetics. Potty training for girls may actually be quicker because of this.


We all know that toddlers imitate just about everything we do, including using the potty. For girls, mom or grandma may be around more to demonstrate the proper techniques of body placement, wiping, and pulling up the dress or pants. Dads may be too busy or unavailable to demonstrate the stand and pee technique. As much as we like our privacy, there is no greater teacher than letting your toddler observe you. Encourage dads or older male siblings to become involved in potty training for boys to speed along the process.


Experts agree that temperament may actually play a bigger part in potty training than gender. Toilet training can become a struggle if your child sees it as a power trip or competition for who's in charge. Some toddlers are more goal oriented, therefore a potty chart may encourage them to reach their goal. You know your child's personality and can adjust your technique according to her stubborn attitude or compliance.

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