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Playful Delights: A WAHM Business Guide


Playful Delights, Inc. is a growing seller of top quality adult romance products, and it's a bold choice for a WAHM business. The company uses its home party division and websites to produce product sells. Their product line features an array of adult specialty toys and games, exotic lotions, candles and educational books and DVDs for sexual enhancement. As a Playful Delights consultant, you will earn money through your personal sales of company products via home parties, online and catalog orders.

Starting Out as a Playful Delights Consultant

In order to distribute the products sold through this business, you have to become a consultant by signing on under a current Playful Delights consultant, or by filling out the form provided at the company website. You will have to purchase a start up kit, starting at $100 (though specials vary from month to month, and you may get yours at a lower rate). Your kit will include a variety of products, valued at over $300, and you will receive a free website for customer purchases and promotional use, as well as sales training and support. There are no monthly fees and the only inventory you hold are the products you keep on hand for parties. You are given 90 days to determine whether or not the company is the right fit for you.

Compensation as a Playful Delights Consultant

As a Playful Delights consultant, you'll earn a generous 50% commission on every sale you make. You'll also receive bonuses in the form of free and discounted merchandise, as well as override payments on the wholesale purchases of those you recruit into the company. However, you are not required to meet any sales or sign-on quotas. You will be paid after each in-home party you put on, as checks are made payable to you and deposited in your account. You are then required to send the company 50% of what you earned. You can also accept credit card payments, and Playful Delights will process them for you for a fee.

Thriving as a Playful Delights Consultant

While there are no mandatory quotas to meet each month, your success in this business will depend greatly on your dedication to it. Booking parties with couples and women in need of a girls night out provide fun and funds for you. Though there are no advancement titles to strive to obtain, as is the case with many home businesses, recruiting other consultants to distribute Playful Delights products will only benefit your bank account. Learn as much as you can about the products, work out your availability so that you can help host parties, and make an effort to talk about the opportunity with others you feel may be interested.

Is It for You?

Working a WAHM business like Playful Delights requires a deeper level of comfortableness in sales and speaking about a product. You'll need to display great enthusiasm, enjoy gathering with groups of people you may not know, and appear confident in the products' ability to better the personal lives of those you are sharing them with.

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