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Overcoming 3 Challenges of Being a Single Mother Part Two


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Challenge #2 - Challenges to Provide for the Family

As the provider of the family, it is important that you are skilled or you have a talent that can convert to income for the family. If not, you will need to develop ways to generate and handle finances. You should be on the lookout for opportunities to learn and earn more.

Resourcefulness and wise use of time are very important to be able to provide for your family. Budgeting is a tool that can help you avoid financial problems in the future. Living within your means and explaining this to your children is very important for them to cooperate and understand your situation without actually restricting them or preventing them from enjoying life. Living a simple life has its advantages, and explaining this to your children will make them understand the situation.

Challenge #3 - Challenges in Finding Your Own Happiness

With the many concerns that a single mother has, you will need to consider dating as the least of your concerns. If you are not a strong and confident person, you will complicate your life and those of your children by introducing male dating partners. It is best not to date until you are in charge of your life (or else you may be subconsciously looking for someone to rescue you).

However, there will be cases when you need to give yourself time to meet and mingle with people to address your needs for companionship.  If you handling your single motherhood well, you may choose to date (if not, find companionship in female friends and relatives). Although this is not easy, you can schedule time to go out once a month and have fun. You can ask the help of a member of the family to look after your child or children for that day. You can also choose to hire a baby sitter to help you in this concern just so you can spend time to renew your emotional bank.

There are many challenges that a single mother can face. But, no matter what these challenges are, it is important to have a plan and goals. When you see that you are making progress it will give you a boost in confidence and help you to feel positive. This will make it easier to provide the love, attention and guidance your children need.

With this attitude, you will better succeed as a single mother and you will see the fruits of your sacrifices; your children will grow to be emotionally healthy and loving adults.

Part One  |  Part Two

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