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Optimizing Your Work Space for Maximum Efficiency


Optimizing your work space helps boost productivity and efficiency throughout your workday. If you have to spend time finding important papers, you will lose time and have to catch up later in the week. It's also important to have a comfortable work area.

Easy Storage Solutions When You Work at Home

The typical work at home person turns their small den or a corner of their bedroom into a home office. Floor space is minimal and storage becomes a key issue. If you lack storage space, your desk is bound to be cluttered. It takes too much time locating items. You need easy storage solutions for helpful organization.

Make sure your office has a large filing cabinet. Wooden filing cabinets provide attractive d├ęcor while providing plenty of room for important work papers. The top of the filing cabinet works well as a computer stand. Add wall shelves where you can store books you use frequently.

If you have a closet area in your home office area, purchase closet dividers and use them for storing items like computer paper, ink and discs. Proper placement and storage of items make it easy to find supplies quickly so that you can focus on your work.

Choosing Office Furniture

When optimizing your work space, consider your comfort. If your furniture leaves you with a backache, you are going to become distracted and less productive. Look for ergonomic office furniture.

Your computer chair must offer lumbar support. Look for a chair that allows you to recline allowing you to relieve pressure on your vertebrae. Your feet should touch the ground. If not, purchase a foot rest that tucks under your desk.

Ergonomic computer desks offer height adjustable desk tops. You raise the level of the desk so that your computer screen is level with your eyes. This reduces neck and eyestrain.

Ergonomic Office Supplies That Boost Efficiency

To prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, you need to have your wrists elevated. Keyboard and mouse pads with wrist support cushions work well. Look for a desk that has a slide out keyboard tray. Most desk tops are too high for proper keyboard placement, so a slide out keyboard tray helps. Another accessory that helps prevent carpal tunnel are arm rests that attach to your desk and keep your arms properly elevated.

If your work at home job entails data entry, a copyholder holds papers vertically so that you can read them easily as you type. Because both hands are free, you have the ability to complete your work more quickly.

Those who spend time on the telephone should have a hands-free headset. You do not need to strain your neck while trying to hold the phone to your ear. Your hands are free for note taking or typing.

If your office is cramped and uncomfortable, the likelihood for distraction increases. You end up taking long breaks and complete less work. Your stress levels increase. You and your family suffer. By optimizing your work space, you benefit from increased efficiency, leaving more time to spend with your friends and family.

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