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OnlyGreen: A WAHM Business Guide - - -


If you're looking for a profitable WAHM business, OnlyGreen is one of the country's multilevel marketing firms that specializes in manufacturing a wide range of eco-friendly products and other items. Their products include baby & pet care, health & beauty, office, house & home, office, food & beverages and plastic & paper alternatives. Originally based in Canada, OnlyGreen opportunities and products are only made available in the United States and Canada. Distributors are allowed to market the business personally, online, and through many home and office eco workshops.

Starting as an OnlyGreen Dealer

OnlyGreen is a type of MLM business opportunity based on various direct sales of many environmental and safety products. OnlyGreen supports its mission of educating people when it comes to purchasing decisions through adopting a healthier and eco-friendly lifestyle.

To become a registered dealer, there are starter kits available ranging from as low as $99 to $249. The kit is composed of the products itself and training for home shows and office management as well. The company offers limited marketing training, and individuals are given the opportunity to freely market the product whether online or offline. There are Eco Advisor teams who provide comprehensive product training and educational programs to their members to increase their insight on the product and to appropriately represent the company to the public.

Compensation as an OnlyGreen Dealer

Joining OnlyGreen would immediately entitle you to become an eco advisor. As an eco advisor, you are trained to represent OnlyGreen's products and also receive learning materials to teach others about how to make a difference in this world. As a registered product distributor, you are also given discounts on your daily environment-friendly items and are given the chance to earn money in a more conscientious manner. Bonus structure pays monthly, through Electronic Funds Transfer using Automated Clearinghouse, and is determined by your volume of sales. You will make a competitive margin on products as OG negotiates favorable pricing with product partners.

Thriving as an OnlyGreen Dealer

OnlyGreen's compensation plan is quite familiar with any multilevel marketing firm whose income opportunities are highly based on recruiting and building a circle of business owners. The company's bonus structure can be determined on the volume of dealers and down lines that you have had for the previous month. Independent distributors are also given personal commissions based on wholesale and retail sales of the many individual items sold in the market.

Is It for You?

Overall, OnlyGreen is a legal business opportunity which features high quality and a little pricey range of eco-friendly products. A dealer's success is very much dependent on the quality support from an up-line and diligence even before joining the program. Marketing usually starts with family and friends and eventually builds up through word of mouth.

Noteworthy Information

Launched in 2009, OnlyGreen is a company that provides individuals with a credible firm where you can buy 'green' products. The company aims to supply the market with eco-friendly solutions starting from the manufacturing process to product packaging and disposal. OnlyGreen features a product selection criteria that will help buyers search, assess and determine which items are appropriate in their day to day lifestyles.

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