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New Year, New You: 5 Makeover Ideas to Kick off the Year


At the end of the year, makeover ideas seem to come from every direction. Many of these ideas, though, are inapplicable or unrealistic. A makeover idea should be simple and fun. Below are some makeover ideas that are not difficult or time consuming.

1. Change Your Hair

Because it only requires a visit to your stylist, a new haircut is a rather easy makeover idea. You do not need to do anything drastic to your hair; a simple change, such as cutting an inch more than you normally do, will be a subtle change without the stress of an entirely new haircut. Before visiting your stylist, peruse fashion or other magazines and find photos of styles you like. This will help guide your stylist and make it less likely that you'll end up with a cut you hate.

Similarly, growing your hair longer is another makeover idea. Rather than cut your hair as you regularly do, space your visits to the stylist and, when you do get your hair cut, only get a trim. While this makeover won't be as immediately obvious, it is still an exciting change.

2. Buy a New Outfit

Sometimes one new outfit can make all the difference. This outfit can be one you'll wear on a daily basis or one that is only for special occasions. Decide which type of outfit would make you the happiest and be the most fun to shop for. Next, of course, decide your budget. Be creative with your outfit--it's your makeover!

3. Clear out the Old

One of the best makeovers is a thorough house cleaning. Go through the contents of your closets, cabinets and storage spaces to see what is necessary and what should be tossed or given to charity. Items of value that you no longer use can be put on eBay to fund a shopping trip or pad your savings account. The result of your work will be a clean, organized home. Enlist family members and children to help, and don't think that this job has to be done in a single day. Make it your goal to clean out one room a month; by the time summer rolls around, your house will be spic and span.

4. Get a New Purse

Most women carry a purse every day, all day. This single accessory, then, is the one that receives the most wear and tear and the one that everyone else sees on a daily basis. Replacing your purse or diaper bag can often be the perfect makeover. Every time you pick it up you'll remember its specialness and smile.

5. Take a Walk

A body makeover, such as losing weight, is a great idea as long as the method and anticipated results are reasonable. Consider taking a walk once or twice a week. You do not need to have a strict walking schedule or number of miles each week to walk. Merely making the effort to improve your health is a great way to boost your confidence and achieve your makeover goal.

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