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More than the Basics: What It Really Means to Be Tech Savvy


Being tech savvy is no longer limited to being able to boot up a computer and texting on a cellphone. Being tech savvy also doesn't mean having to splurge hundreds of dollars on the latest gadget, or having a Bluetooth connection between your fridge and microwave. It just means that you use technology to be more productive and efficient.

A Day in the Life of a Tech Savvy WAHM

A tech savvy work-at-home mom may start her day by checking her email and sorting them into folders. She'll flag the important ones, and create tasks out of the ones that need action. After which, she may synchronize her calendar and tasks with her mobile phone which also doubles as an organizer.

To stay updated, she'll open her feed reader and in one glance, see the new entries in her favorite news sites and blogs. She'll Digg the entries she likes and maybe bookmark them on her browser. At the same time, she'll update her own blog, and maybe use an online photo editing tool to adjust her new profile picture. To keep in touch with her network, she might also check in on her Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other networking sites.

To get down to business, she might make client calls using VOIP, and even do teleconferencing with some key people. She could send text messages to those that she hasn't been able to contact. Her tabs might consist of an Excel sheet for finance tracking, several Powerpoint slides for customer presentations, and her Outlook that holds memos, tasks, email and calendar entries. Before calling it a day, she might go online shopping and order the latest toy for her toddler. Before shutting down, she might do a full systems scan to ensure that her online sessions did not garner any viruses or spyware.

Advantages of Being Tech Savvy

It sure sounds like a jampacked, dizzying day for the tech savvy. But in truth, productivity is heightened if you're tech savvy. Your task list is both online and synched to your mobile phone, so there are no more forgotten dates and appointments. Instead of spending much time doing client calls or meetings, you can do all those online at the comfort of your own home. It doesn't take you hours to find the blogs and news sites you follow, instead they're all neatly organized in a feed reader. There's no need to brave the traffic to do your shopping; you can buy what you need with just one click.

How to be Truly Tech Savvy

You don't have to take up computer programming to be tech savvy; you merely have to know how to use your resources well. Here are some quick pointers:

  • Know your software.
  • List down your tools on-hand, and read up on what they can do. For instance, configure your Outlook so you can make task lists, calendars, etc.
  • Use search engines. Nowadays, almost all questions can be answered online. Do a search on which free software and tools can benefit you.
  • Search for online task organizers, feed readers, automatic email sorters and more. Hop on the bandwagon. You can learn a thing or two from fellow tech savvy-wannabes.
  • Go on social networking sites or forums, and don't be afraid to ask questions.

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