Mia Bella Candles: A WAHM's Guide


Mia Bella Candles is a company that manufactures and sells unique, natural wax blend candles. You can become a distributor for this company and start your own WAHM business. The candles are biodegradable, soot free, long lasting and aromatic in nature. As a distributor, you will have the opportunity to sell quality products while earning good compensation. You will also be able to get up to 300 leads for free if you complete the application process and become an independent distributor.

Stating Out

To start the application process, visit the website and click on the 'Join' tab at the top of the page. Next, click on 'Register Online.' You will also be able to find out more about the autoship packages that are available online. The basic package comes at a price of $49.95 while the Business Builder Pack costs you $999. The more expensive the package, the greater the number of products you're offered. If you join as a distributor, you will have to fulfill certain monthly minimum purchase requirements.


Before you understand the compensation package, you must know that you will be assigned a title based on the number of active distributor members you sponsor. If you sponsor a single member, you will be assigned the Gold title, but if you sponsor five active members, you will be given the Diamond Title. All distributors from Gold to Diamond are entitled the maximum monthly earnings per leg of $100.

As a Gold member, you're entitled to earnings of 5 percent and a Plus Earnings of 9 percent on the 1st level. Your Plus Maximum Earnings per Leg per Month will amount to $200. As you expand your team by adding new active members, you will be entitled to an increase in earnings. To find out what you could earn by being a Diamond distributor, visit the company website and click on the link to the Compensation Plan.


To thrive as a Mia Bella Candles distributor, you will have to get trained by Retail Experts. These experts will offer you valuable tips and will help you build a business that will earn you a lot of income. You should also be aware of all the new products that are launched by Mia Bella. Use these candles during fundraising events and earn additional income for every candle that's sold. You don't even have to attend fundraising events in person. You could simply set them up online and have people buy candles from an online store.

Is It for You?

If you like interacting with people, you could market Mia Bella biodegradable candles and earn an income. You will be able to fix your own hours of work, and you will have the convenience of working at your own pace.

Noteworthy Information

The company honors war veterans or individuals serving the country by sending their families a free Mia Bella aromatic candle. The company also aims at improving the lives of people by giving them the opportunity to work part time and build a thriving business.

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