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Making Your Telecommute Work: 6 Tips for Working Remotely


Perhaps the most challenging thing about telecommute work is the same thing that makes it appealing: you work from the comfort of your home. Of course, the comfort of your home also presents you with all of the distractions of being at home. If you already telecommute from home or are thinking about it, this list can help keep the dream in perspective.

1. Create Office Space

The ideal home office is different for everyone. You may be most productive sitting on the couch in your living room with headphones on. Or, you may need a room in the basement with a door and a lock, isolated from other human activity. Determine what kind of situation suits your working style the best and create it.

2. Take Breaks

This point really cannot be stressed enough. The reasons for working from home are many, but one of the most common reason is that people want more flexibility with when and how they work. Make it a point to stand up and walk around or go outside on a sunny day, or walk around the block at lunchtime. The home office should not be the same kind of prison as the office cubicle.

3. Leave the House

If you have the capability, occasionally go work someplace besides your home office. Take advantage of the fact that you can work from anywhere with wireless access and a surface for your laptop. A fresh environment can be inspiring, as well as motivating. Because there are drawbacks to working alone in your home office, making sure you leave the house also provides you with necessary human interaction.

4. Stray from Your Schedule

Another advantage of freelance jobs and telecommute from home jobs is the flexible schedule. What is telecommuting if not a method that allows you to be more closely in tune to your own daily rhythms. It is healthy to break with your routine now and then, and do something you like in the middle of the day (or start work an hour earlier or later than usual).

5. Make Daily Objectives

Though telecommuting and freelance jobs are akin to being your own boss, you must still complete projects and objectives. An effective way to make certain you are getting your work done, is to break your week into daily objectives. These objectives give you tangible goals to work toward throughout your day.

6. Creat a Work-Life Balance

When your day is done, close the laptop, shut the office door and come home. If your goal in taking freelance jobs or telecommute work is to have more of a home life, then you have to stop working at some point each day and just be at home.

Telecommute work has the potential to be rewarding and fulfilling. Structure your telecommute from home life so that you enjoy the advantages and avoid the pitfalls of telecommuting.

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