Luminarias: A WAHM's Guide


The Luminarias Candle Company is a business that focuses on getting customers the right aromatherapy and indoor decorations through stocking 100s of aromas of candles and ornaments for the home. Luminarias specializes in offering the right shades of candles and scents that will complement a space. Shoppers can choose from a wide variety of colors and natural fragrances that Luminarias can ship direct.

The Luminarias company also offers work at home moms an additional opportunity to collaborate for profit. Freelancers and other individuals who join up with Luminarias can get access to products that they can sell on a commission basis, without any quotes or minimum sales.

Getting Started

With the Luminarias Consultant's program, individuals can sign up for the Luminarias Candle Co. Candle of the Month program to get a 9oz. candle plus votives and tealights for $30.00. This package can be the start to a position selling these products to the public. Luminarias can also give consultants their own web pages for promoting these products.


Luminarias offers independent sellers a straight 35% commission rate for their entire sales volume. In addition, there are other perks related to local initiative, such as bonuses for being the top seller in a state. There are also bonuses for referrals where the original contractor gets more independent sellers to sign up.

Thriving with Luminarias

Part of succeeding with Luminarias comes from knowing about how the company offers special orders. Luminarias Co. sources from an actual candle making facility that enables the company to offer special orders or "custom" orders for candles. Shoppers can choose new combinations of colors and aromas that the shop can build into custom designs. Accommodating a special order is a part of what Luminarias provides. The candles that come out of the Luminarias shop comes in a staggering variety of 'flavors' from simple fruity or herbal essences to complex themed smells based on exotic getaways or special environmental sensations.

Dedicated Luminarias sales people should also learn about the materials used in Luminarias products. Luminarias candles come in well-designed glass canisters that feature the company logo neatly imprinted on the side. Smaller tea candles come in polycarbonate shells that can handle high heats.

Is Luminarias for You?

Those who will stand to profit from a relationship with this company are most likely really into interior design. If you like offering people advice on beautifying their homes, this may be a business relationship that will help you thrive. There's also a benefit to being able to correctly assess demand for a product. Sellers who know enough to focus on attracted and interested customers will be likely to profit from higher commission numbers.

Lots of people might not think of candles as a money maker, but when you look at the variety of candle makers operating all over the country and beyond to furnish homes and commercial spaces, it's clear that the niche carved out by companies like Luminarias. Consultants make their own schedules and set their own rules. They work a Luminarias selling campaign into the rest of their busy lives. For those work at home moms and other busy people who want an additional side job, Luminarias can provide the working relationship that pays off for all involved.

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