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Logos and Company Identity: Why it is Necessary


Building a company identity through the use of graphic design (logos, business cards, website design, etc.) is an extremely important part of having a successful business. There are several reasons why having a logo and company identity are so important: it gives your business a sense of legitimacy, it makes your product recognizable and memorable, and it provides insight as to what your company is and what it stands for.

How Logos Contribute to Legitimacy

Having graphics for your company, specifically a logo, helps to make consumers believe that your company is established and stable. A company which makes a financial investment in a logo is a serious company, out to succeed. It is tangible proof of a dedication to the business, suggesting that the business will endure.

Customers can be comfortable supporting a company when they believe that they will be able to form a lasting association with that company. They will know that they have something to fall back on if there's a problem with anything, which is reassuring and will help to develop trust and consumer confidence.

How Logos Make You Memorable

Having a logo gives customers a visual representation to associate with your business. It makes any products branded with the logo instantly recognizable as yours, and provides added potential for word of mouth to spread. People will be able to remember your product and identify it.

For an example of how logos and the entire process of branding make a significant difference in how products are perceived, consider designer clothing. Some people will drop between $200 and $300 on a pair of designer jeans, but would never look twice at a less expensive pair of equal quality and design which did not have a brand name associated with it.

How Logos Provide Insight

Consider the strong and straightforward Nike "Swoosh," or the sleek and modern Apple design. Successful logos give a consumer an idea of what to expect from a company. A customer should be drawn in by your graphics and should be curious about the company which those grpahics represent. Make a list of the attributes you want to be associated with your company, and think of a design (or hire somebody else to) which accurately represents those traits.

Creating Consistency With Graphics

Logos are possibly the most important part of graphic design and are what will be what people focus on most, but this does not mean you should pay less attention to other aspects of graphic design associated with your company. Having your own colors and a general overall feel which are kept constant throughout the logo, website and print advertisements will give your business consistency and a polished appeal. A talented designer can help design company graphics, which are meant to be consistently representative of you and your business.

Creating a company identity and supporting it with your choice of graphic design will help you reach out to more customers and build a more successful business.

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