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Life Hacks for the WAHM: 9 House Cleaning Shortcuts


Life hacks are shortcuts devised by work at home moms to help them clean their homes in the shortest possible time. As a working mother, you need to clean your home quickly so that you can attend to other tasks. However, you still need to protect your family from viruses and diseases that a dirty home can attract. Use the following tips to clean quickly but effectively:

1. Clean Now Not Later

It's best to clean up spills as soon as they happen instead of allowing stains to dry. Clothes, utensils and carpets are best cleaned as soon as they're soiled. If you wait, you give the stain time to set. Clothes and utensils should be washed, but carpets should be vacuumed first. Wet mud is more difficult to remove and should be allowed to dry before it's vacuumed. If you clean often, you won't accumulate a lot of dirty stuff.

2. Use Cleaning Products as Directed

The manufacturers know their products best so you should read and follow their instructions carefully. Some cleaning products, such as toilet cleaners, oven cleaners and grease removers, should be allowed to permeate for some time before they're wiped off.

3. Keep Dirt Outside

Have your windows and doors screened to keep out dirt and dust. Also, use mats at the doorways to wipe off dirty footwear. Footwear that's worn outside shouldn't be worn inside the house as dirt and germs picked up outdoors can spread all over your home.

4. Clean from the Top Down

It's best to clean the upper portion of your house first and then focus on the lower portion. You should first remove cobwebs from the ceiling and dust all your light fixtures. The dirt will all settle on the floor and this can then be easily vacuumed. The tops of curtains and mirrors should also be cleaned first.

5. Dry before Wet Cleaning

You should first complete cleaning jobs that are dry, such as dusting and sweeping, before you do jobs that require wet cleaning, such as mopping. This ensures that all the dirt is removed in a time efficient manner.

6. Keep Your House Free of Clutter

Get rid of things that are no longer required such as newspapers and old clothes. This gives you more free space. It's easier to clean without too much clutter lying around the house. Dusting also becomes easier if things are kept in place.

7. Organize Your Work

Start by soaking things that need to be soaked and apply cleaning products that need to permeate for a while. Instead of waiting for the allocated time, start on another chore. By the time your items have soaked thoroughly, you will have already completed other tasks.

8. Use the Machines You Have

If you have a dish washer, a clothes washer and a vacuum cleaner, use them as you will get a cleaner house than if you washed dishes or clothes by hand. These machines are also good for your back.

9. Carry Your Cleaning Supplies

In order to minimize rushing from room to room, carry your cleaning supplies with you. You can use a basket or anything handy to carry them around. This can save you a lot of precious time.

By using the appropriate cleaning products and following the tips listed above, you can complete your housework quickly and still have plenty of time to do other jobs.

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