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Know PHP? Freelance and Work-from-Home Projects


PHP or hypertext preprocessor is a powerful scripting language for web sites, and many of the work-at-home moms and other freelancers who are proficient in this kind of programming can find great PHP freelance work that can lead to lucrative remote assignments. It's worth looking into getting some skills in PHP if you want to be able to offer web design as part of your work at home business.

Why Companies Want PHP

PHP programming can be used for any kind of "dynamic webpage" - with PHP, skilled programmers fill in the kinds of things that can't be accomplished with a simple HTML web page. HTML can provide for neat text and image visuals, but many other aspects of business web sites need PHP or a similar programming solution.

PHP has replaced some older methods for programming, like CGI files using C or related languages. PHP programmers can create submission forms, link to MySQL databases, or provide handy accounting features built into a web page.

Finding Companies Offering PHP Work

One way to get started in the web design industry is to find a small web design firm that needs a PHP programmer. For those work at home moms and freelancers who have some beginning skills in web design, offering knowledge of PHP and associated programming tools can open the door to a place in a small web production company. These small companies are frequently in need of skilled programmers, and they often allow freelance workers to work from home. This can be the beginning of a career in web design.

Freelancers who know PHP can also respond directly to job ads where clients are looking for direct freelance work arrangements. Freelancers who answer job ads might find themselves working directly for large companies that need some additional contracted programmers to ramp up production on some website or other Internet project.

Another way to get work in freelance PHP is to build a small business website of your own and offer PHP programming services directly to the business community. Web sites like Craigslist and other public venues support the efforts of beginners who use direct marketing to find clients.

Negotiating Freelance PHP Work

When a beginning freelancer has some offers, either from small web production businesses or individual business clients, it's essential to arrange for solid contracts to limit the financial liability of the freelancer. Freelance PHP programmers have to know how to set rates that will earn them a living without charging so much that clients decide to go elsewhere. Learning market rates is part of starting up a business that involves PHP programming services, and with time, a mom working from home or any other freelancer can learn to command what they are worth.

Ultimately, practical knowledge of PHP is a powerful and marketable skill that will allow freelancers to get their foot in the door for many different kinds of work at home opportunities. Many companies outsource to remote programmers to save costs in office equipment and human resources. Contracted arrangements can end up saving money and providing benefits for both parties, and savvy freelancers who add PHP to their skill set can expect to see renewed interest from clients looking for "one stop shopping" for web design.

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