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Keeping Kids Active after School: Swimming


A kid's learning should not only be limited in school. Within the four walls of a school, a child is taught the general information he or she has to learn in life; i.e. how to count your change when you buy something, how to write words properly and legibly and how to distinguish a land animal from a water animal. But these are not enough. Kids naturally love to discover, to explore and to experience. And so, it is a challenge for parents, therefore, to provide their children opportunities to grow, to learn, to experience new things, and to meet new people outside of school. These extra-curricular activities should feed kids' curiosity and satisfy their need for fun and enjoyment After all, their experiences influence greatly their values and development as individuals.

Go Ahead, take the Plunge

Swimming is probably one of the most known sports in the world. It can be a hobby for some, a pastime or even a professional career. Swimming is fun and cools you off, especially during hot weather. There are several places where you can go swimming; you have the beach, swimming pools, whether public, private or improvised, water parks, and lakes and oceans. It doesn't really matter where you practice it. It is an inexpensive way to exercise.

Benefits of Swimming

Encouraging kids to enjoy swimming has several advantages. Aside from keeping your kids busy and making productive use of their free time, swimming can also help improve their health. Swimming is a terrific exercise. It is an excellent way to develop a healthy cardio vascular system. At an early age, it is important for your child to know the value of health.

Some kids are afraid of water; fear of the water is actually something that usually develops when children are young. Exposing children to swimming early can minimize this and eventually eliminate it.

Meeting new people is exciting. You always learn something new. It becomes more interesting to meet people who have the same interests as you. Engaging your child in swimming classes after school will allow him or her to interact with other people and gain new friends. Swimming can also be a great way for family to bond. It can give both you and your children relaxation time from all the stresses of work and school. Swimming provides relief from stress and tension because water relaxes muscles as well as the mind.

Safe Swimming

When introducing kids to the water, parents should make their children's safety the top priority. Kids are naturally curious and many have the tendency to jump into the water before they can actually swim. And so, parents must be sure to provide adequate supervision at all times. Kids should not be allowed to swim unsupervised. Parents should not put any confidence in inflatable pool toys or flotation devices as lifesaving tools. When kids are taking swimming lessons, make sure that all pool rules are clearly explained to them and strictly enforced.

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