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Keeping Kids Active after School: Soccer


Kids nowadays are very active and full of energy. They are smarter and more curious. They ask a lot of questions. They want to do a lot of things and explore their surroundings. Yes, school and school work keep them busy but often times they want to do something more. Kids are in a crucial stage of development; it is here that their characters are formed and their experiences influence greatly their formation as individuals. In school, kids are being taught how to read and write; how to solve mathematical problems; and how to make scientific experiments, but the learning should not stop there. Considering this, outside school, parents should provide their children activities that not only satisfies their curiosity and need for fun but also their need to learn important values (will shape them to become responsible individuals).

Make the Kick

There are many after school activities from which parents can choose.. One of them is soccer. Soccer is one of the most famous sports known all over the world. It is fun and exciting. Kids, as active as they are, will enjoy all the running and kicking. But soccer is not really just all about kicking and running; it also entails strategics and teamwork. In soccer, kids will be exposed to the importance of communication. Their creative ideas can be put into use when developing play strategies. Soccer can also teach kids the importance of exercise; keeping both mind and body healthy. These are important core values that individuals must learn as early as possible.

Socializing through Soccer

Since soccer is a team sport, it is inevitable that players will interact with other kids. This is a great opportunity for them to develop their people skills at an early age. Many kids have the tendency to get impatient easily. Since soccer requires teamwork, kids are taught the importance of patience and respect for one another. They will learn how to work together with other people and discover that there are things that you simply cannot do alone. Here, they will learn how to adjust to the different personalities of their teammates. Kids will benefit from healthy competition with other kids (be wary of coaches or other parents who take on a "win at all cost" mentality). They can also gain new friends that they can keep for a lifetime.

What Soccer can Do for You

Not only can soccer help your child learn the significance of patience, communication, healthy competition, exercise, teamwork, self-expression and making new friendships, it can also help your family bond. Being able to watch your kid's soccer games is an opportunity for the family to spend time together. After all the school and office work, the family needs the time off. Your kids will also see that indeed they are cared for and loved. Your children's free time will be put to good use and their abilities will also be nurtured and developed.

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