Juice Plus: A WAHM's Guide


Juice Plus is not just your regular food supplement, as it already provides whole food nutrition instead of individual extracts and parts of vitamins and minerals. Aside from standing out among other food alternatives and supplements, it is also positively backed up by independent clinical researches. As a Juice Plus Distributor, you have to know that the products you sell are from 17 different types of vegetables, fruits and grains--just what the United States Department of Agriculture recommends. The USDA advocates the intake of seven to 13 servings of vegetables and fruits every day.

Starting Out

To start as a distributor, visit the Juice Plus Distributor web site and find out if their terms and conditions will work for you. This website contains all the information that you need about the products and the financial potential of being a distributor. You can enter your email address so you'll receive the distributor info request.

Check your mail and read on the details about Juice Plus and the distributor's commission structure. Once you're sure and have finally decided that you want to be a distributor, click on the link for newbie's and fill out the online form. You may have to wait for a couple of days to a week for a Juice Plus Executive to contact you.

You may have to join training sessions by other distributors near your area and/or go over online training materials about the product, its benefits and related scientific researches. You can also start as a Juice Plus Preferred Customer and submit your Virtual Franchise Application online.


The basic compensation plan if you're a Juice Plus Distributor ranges from six to 14 percent of sales commissions. It starts at six percent if you can enroll five customers in 30 days and 14 percent if you can enroll 20 customers in 30 days.

You earn a maximum of $20 profit for every Juice Plus Preferred Customer you refer and another $20 for each reorder. The Wellness Coordinator receives the payment for your first orders, but the payments are directed to you on subsequent reorders. Commissions are based on how many reorders you've accumulated. Commissions can be earned based on group volume, the Quick Start Bonus scheme or through personal purchase rebates.


The key to thriving as a distributor is to be consistent with your sales and marketing efforts. You can talk to at least five people every day on the first 30 days of your business. There are seven levels in Juice Plus Distributorship: Associate, Junior Associate, Managing Associate, Diamond Executive Leader, Double Diamond Executive Leader and the Triple Diamond Leader.

Diamond Executive Leaders can earn up to a two percent leadership bonus, while a Double Diamond Leader is entitled to the $500 Dream Bonus. The Triple Diamond Leaders can participate in the Revenue Sharing Bonus among themselves.

Is It for You?

If you believe in Juice Plus products and their benefits, you might want to be a distributor.

Noteworthy Information

Juice Plus' business model includes a free administration, back office for all the distributors to use.

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