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Jimer Jewelry: A WAHM Business Guide


Engaging in direct selling is proving to be a lucrative WAHM business, and Jimer Jewelry offers this wonderful opportunity for full-time moms to also grow professionally with an inspiring career in jewelry business. Having a WAHM business with Jimer provides opportunity for both personal and professional development. Aside from the fact that you can work from home and are able to spend more precious time with family, a career with Jimer Jewelry opens doors for meeting new friends and building lasting relationships, while having fun all at the same time.

Starting as a Jimer Jewelry Associate

Hosting a Jimer party would be your first step to this exciting jewelry business. Aside from the fun-filled activities that a Jimer party brings, you as the Hostess will also get the chance to benefit from monthly privileges for hostesses, get special jewelry credits, and avail of a 50 percent discount for a maximum of 5 jewelry items.

To jumpstart this new career, you have to choose your Start Up Kit option and host a Jimer party within 30 days. If you are able to sell $750 in your first party, Jimer will reimburse the cost of your start up kit. Unlike any other direct selling business, Jimer does not impose quotas and specific/limited areas of operations. You can sell anywhere and whenever you want.

Compensation as a Jimer Jewelry Associate

By being a Jimer Advisor, you are entitled to have a 30 percent basic commission no matter how much your sales are. And, if your sales are really good, you can get monthly bonuses that go as high as $1,500 a month. With each new recruit, you also get 7 percent down line commission. A Jimer career can be made full-time if you don't have any other full-time work.

When you continuously become a Jimer Advisor for 12 months and have outstanding sales, you will be instantly entitled to 5 working days of paid vacation leave. You can enjoy this benefit anytime you want, as long as you are already eligible to avail of it.                     

Thriving as a Jimer Jewelry Associate

If you have the inspiration to start this exciting and challenging business, you can maximize your potentials by becoming a Jimer Jewelry Advisor. You can basically start with no capital at all, just a strong sense of determination to becoming professionally fulfilled even while you're at home. Jimer will give all the support and guidance that you need, but above all, a strong willpower and creative personal touch will make this WAHM business meaningful and fruitful for you.

Is It for You?

With Jimer, you are the boss and you decide for your working hours. A Jimer career enables you to be more hands-on in taking care of your family, earning extra income, and empowering yourself to achieve professional growth at the comfort of home.

Noteworthy Information

It is good to note that Jimer offers a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee. You can return within 1 month any unused Jimer Jewelry and be fully refunded. If you prefer, the returned item can be exchanged for a new item. Just make sure to have your official receipt and return the item to your Advisor. You will have to shoulder the shipping charges for such transaction.

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