Jafra: A WAHM's Guide


Jafra offers a promising business opportunity for WAHMs that are currently looking for ways to earn while staying at home at the same time. The company's mission is to make it possible for women all over the world to realize and develop their full potential. Jafra has been in the industry for around 50 years. The company was included in Happi Magazine's Top 50 Personal Care Companies in America for 2009.

Starting out as a Jafra Consultant

For $60, you can purchase your own Jafra consultant case. The case includes an instructional DVD on how to host parties, Jafra product samples, and a brochure and product catalog. For the first 60 days, there are several ways to maximize your earnings.

You can take advantage of huge discounts during your first 60 days when purchasing their product packs such as their Skin Care Pack, which you can buy for only $150. Its original price is $612. As a new consultant, you enjoy 50 percent discount on all Jafra products for the first 30 days, and you are automatically qualified for their Welcome to Jafra Program.

Compensation as a Jafra Consultant

Jafra follows the basic commission structure among retailing companies when it comes to their compensation plan. On your first month as a consultant, you need to place $300 on your retail sales order and in order for you to qualify for their second month rewards, you need to earn at least 50 percent commission.

On your second month, the Jafra logo pin will be given to you for free, usually valued at $80. On your third month, you will be given five different products for free that are usually priced at $170 and a Jafra Consultant Information Card. Aside from that, you are also automatically included in their Active Sellers Club.

The average monthly income of a team manager is $400 per month, and this does not include JAFRA Program bonuses yet and monthly earnings in personal sales.

Thriving as a Jafra Consultant

The highest rank in Jafra is that of a National District Director, with 25 direct branches. Before becoming one, you need to start as a manager where you can have your own Central Branch that needs to meet the monthly maintenance requirements. You can them promoted into becoming a District Manager (3 levels), District Director (5 levels), Executive District Director and finally, a National District Director. The monthly maintenance requirement in a Central Branch is $1,000 in paid wholesale sales and three or more ordering consultants that place $100 in retail orders.

Is It for You?

Jafra is founded and established on the following values: the passion to serve their customers, leadership among its employees and consultants, and being a team player amongst people who act with integrity and inspire others.  If you have the aforementioned qualities, you might want to try being a Jafra consultant.

Noteworthy Information

You might also want to try Jafra's Hostess Specials. When your Jafra Party Sales reach up to $400, you can take advantage of package specials that only party hostesses can take advantage of.

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