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How to Write a Great Cover Letter When You're Returning to the Workforce

Get your resume noticed with a catchy cover letter!
Woman writing cover letter.

You’re super excited about returning to the workforce after being a full-time stay-at-home mom. What is not so exciting, though, is facing down a quasi-blank computer screen as you attempt to string together a decent resume. While there are ways to create a resume that appears fuller than it really is, you should take advantage of your cover letter as a chance to truly shine. Here’s how to write a great cover letter when you’re returning to the workforce.

Tell a Story

Starting off your cover letter with the obligatory, “My name is _________ and I’m applying for ________ job” is a sure way to send the hiring manager straight to Snoozeville. Instead, create a story that leads your reader right into your cover letter. It should relate to your work history and the job you’re applying for; you might want to tell a story about an experience at a previous position. Most importantly, it should be three things: engaging, entertaining, and relevant.

Showcase Your Strengths

What your resume lacks in workplace experience can be made up for with the abundance of workplace skills you’ve amassed as a mom. Don’t believe us? Think back on all that you’ve done as a mom; those hard-earned skills can easily translate into workplace skills as well. For example, being the PTO co-president shows off your managerial skills, and shepherding the teacher’s luncheon illustrates your extraordinary organizational skills. Be sure to include those on your cover letter because they count as legitimate skills that potential bosses look for in job candidates.

Don’t Make Excuses

Maybe to you it’s obvious that your resume is a little, well, thin. Don’t use your cover letter as a way to “apologize” for your lack of work experience. The point of your cover letter is to let your personality shine, and the last thing you want to do is draw attention to the fact that there might be more qualified candidates applying for the same telecommuting job. That’s why you should sound as confident as you can about your previous work experience, what you’ve learned as a mom, and most importantly, what you can do for the company that no one else can offer.

Even if you feel like submitting your job application ASAP, taking the time to craft a creative, strong cover letter can help you become a working mom in no time!

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