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How to Start a Freelance Website Design Business


With the increasing number of web-based businesses, freelance website design can enable a mom to work at home and earn an incredibly high salary. Because of the amount of competition and other business factors, starting a website design company can be quite tricky. Below are some tips for starting a freelance website design firm.

Consider What You Do Best

Most likely, if you are considering starting a freelance website design company, you are trained in the skills and mechanics of website design. However, this does not necessarily mean that you work the best in all areas of the field. Consider which aspects of website designing you enjoy or are very good at. Can you create amazing designs or original photographs to decorate websites, or is writing website content your forte? The reason these considerations are important is because you might want to focus on one area of designing websites rather than presenting yourself as a general website designer. At first, being an expert in one area may garner you more clients faster than if you sell yourself as able to do it all.

Set Limitations

Similarly, it is important for you to seriously consider your limitations. You must figure our how much work you can handle on a weekly or monthly basis and how much you need to charge to cover costs or make a worthwhile profit. Otherwise, it is possible that you will take too many or too few jobs and not see the results or profit you expect from your business.

Set Up Your Business

Prior to taking any clients or even marketing yourself, you must make sure you have the tools, computer software and hardware you need to properly perform your job. This does not mean that you need to go and spend a ton of money on new purchases, but rather that you must be set up to do basic tasks typical for website design.

Develop a Marketing Campaign

No business will be successful without a marketing campaign. After you have identified the focus of your business and how much work you can handle, make a list of your target markets. For instance, if you are great at writing content for websites but not so great with using creative or unique photos or pictures, you may want to target the legal community for customers because legal websites tend to be less creative and more content-specific. Next, identify the best methods to reach those target markets. Advertising during bar association meetings, for example, is a great way to put your company before numerous lawyers and firms at once.

At this point in starting your business, do not worry about public relations. As a freelance website designer, personal referrals and marketing will garner you more clients than having a public presence.  

Design Your Website

As a freelance website designer, your website will be the main place potential customers will visit and rely on when investigating whether to hire you. Because of this, make sure that your website clearly displays your talents and skills. Also, this website should be up and running prior to your advertising yourself.

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