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How to Squeeze Work Out Routines into Your Busy Schedule


The first thing you can do is set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier than normal each morning. What can you accomplish in a mere 15 minutes, especially first thing in the morning? A lot! You can set a positive and healthy tone for the day by doing some simple yoga stretches. Or, you can mix it up with strength training some days, a little warm up aerobics some days, and the rest of the days doing yoga. This will give you an energizing boost when you need it.

Schedule Some Afternoon Dancing

There are many people that experience a typical lull in the afternoon so it's the perfect time to schedule a dance or aerobic class. If your budget doesn't have room for a class at the local gym or dance studio, there are plenty of options for an afternoon work out at home. You can find tons of DVD's that are fun and engaging or, if your family has a game system, you can invest in a dance or work out game. This is something you will have to add to your calendar and make a commitment to stick to.

Have Family Fun Night

Another way to squeeze a great work out into your busy schedule is to engage the whole family in an exercise regime a few nights a week. This is something you can be creative with to make it fun for everyone. When the weather is cooperative, a hike or trail walk will work. When the weather is rainy or too cold, an open gym game of basketball or a session of swimming at the local YMCA is the perfect solution. You can have each family member come up with an idea for a weeks worth of work outs.

Take Regular Breaks

When your work from home job requires a lot of time in front of the computer, it's important to take regular breaks. This will help break up the monotony, assist the creative juices to flow, and prevent 'seat spread.' This is also the perfect opportunity to work in some quality work out time. If you think that a 10 minute break of jumping jacks or deep stretches won't make a difference in your performance and your health, you are mistaken. Several 10 minute breaks per day can add up to serious improvements in every life aspect.

Don't let your busy schedule dictate poor health for you or your family. There are plenty of ways to fit in a work out.

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