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How to Spot a Good Deal with Grocery Store Coupons


Using grocery store coupons is a great way to save money on your grocery and household needs. While it will take a couple of hours of your time (generally a Sunday morning), it's well worth it. Enlist one of your kids to help and you'll get done faster while teaching her about money and saving.

Where to Find Coupons

Major metro newspapers are the best place to find the most coupons. The coupons and weekly ads come out on Sundays and can likely be purchased in your local community. Metro newspapers also offer Sunday-only subscriptions that will save you a bit over buying from a news stand. Also, gather your weekly ads.

Sit Down with Your List

One of the key elements of using grocery coupons is to use them to purchase the items you need. Just because a coupon is a good deal, it doesn't save you money if you don't need or would not normally purchase that item. Stick to your list and clip coupons and circle ads for those items. Always look for things like double coupons, rebates and other savings as well. These can be paired with in-store sales to increase your savings.

Compare to Store Brands

Major brands are the companies that put out coupons, but store brands are often comparable in price. When you head to the store take your coupons and list. Before you pick up an item from the shelf, calculate how much the major brand would be with the coupon amount taken off and how much the store brand is. In many cases, you may find purchasing the store brand is actually more cost-effective than the major brand even with the coupon. If there are brands you just can't live without, use a coupon.

Double Coupons & Rebates

Some grocery chains offer double coupons, which can double your major brand name coupons up to a certain amount. These are usually found in the weekly ad for that particular store; a prime example of this is the Safeway/Vons chain of grocery stores. This chain includes Safeway, Vons and Dominick's. Some store chains also offer spec ial coupons that save you a set amount off your entire checkout bill when you spend over a certain amount ($10 off your purchase of $50 or more).

Rebates are another great way to save. These are most popular in drug stores. Check for the type of rebate to ensure it really is a good deal. Some are instant rebates and some are mail in.

Grocery store coupons are a great way to save money and a few simple tips and tricks can help you save even more. Always be on the look out for special deals and limited time offers on the products you use the most. Get your family involved and teach them how to save.

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