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How to Save on College Tuition by Taking Community College Courses


If you're interested in furthering your education through a college degree program, but you are concerned about the cost of the tuition for the courses that you'd like to take, consider enrolling in community college courses to help save yourself money. Community college courses can help to give you credit toward four year college programs in many cases, and these courses tend to be much less expensive than the equivalent ones offered at a four year college. This way, you can get the education that you have been hoping for while saving money at the same time.

Step 1: Identify Programs

The first thing that you'll need to do is to locate colleges in your area. Many four year colleges are located in the same places as community colleges. If there is a four year college in your area that you're interested in attending at some point, and if you know the degree program to which you might apply, you should get in touch with a representative from that school and from the degree program specifically.

When you contact the four year college, it's important to ask about that college or program's policy on outside course credits. Each college will operate uniquely when it comes to credits from high school or community college courses. Before you enroll in any community college course, it's first a good idea to ensure that the courses that you take will be applicable to the degree program at the four year college that you're hoping to eventually attend.

Step 2: Look for Community College Classes

Next, look at a course guide for your local community college. Determine the courses that you are interested in taking and find out whether they are equivalent to any of the courses that you might need to take for the same degree program through the four year college as well. When in doubt, speak to a representative from the college program.

Step 3: Enroll in Classes

Once you've confirmed that the credits will transfer, enroll in the community college courses. Be sure to look into financial aid and other ways to save money on the cost of these classes as well, as they will have some tuition associated with them. Once you've completed the class, be sure to keep copies of your transcript or grade records.

Step 4: Transfer the Credits

Bring your official transcript and grade records, as well as any other documentation that proves that you enrolled in the courses at the community college, to the department or registrar at the four year college. Again, each college will have different requirements in order to transfer the credits. You may need to fill out some paperwork and pay a small processing fee in order to have the credits transferred. Be sure also to keep track of how the credits that you've transferred will apply to the degree program that you're interested in at the four year college.

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