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How to Recognize Your Child's Talents


One of the most rewarding parts of being a parent is recognizing budding talent in children. Creativity is natural part of childhood and parents can play an important role in exploring it; however, it is important that parents do not become overzealous and pushy. Children need to be encouraged and guided. They need opportunities to discover their abilities. They will become stymied if pushed and controlled. Parents who recognize talent in their children need to walk a fine line between encouragement and coercion. Determining the level of your child's interest and degree of talent will help determine where that line is drawn.

Recognizing Talent

If your children have the makings of an artist, you will recognize this by the types of activities that draw their interest. Children with artistic skills prefer creative tasks such as painting, craft making, designing, and so on. Buy them art materials for their creative outlet. Remember to purchase those school supplies that are appropriate to your children's age. It must not contain small parts to avoid choking hazards or materials that may be toxic (in case they end up in the mouth).

Children inclined toward musical talent are at ease when connected with anything that creates sound. They can discern tunes at a very early age they can even sing the right notes to a song. These children can be encouraged by exposing them to a wide range of music. This is beneficial for all children whether they are talented or not; so parents will not be pushy by doing this.

Your child can even be a stage performer. Your kid might love comedy and constantly tells jokes over dinner or perhaps be interested in playing the romantic lead in an upcoming drama film. Young children may have an interest in dressing up and pretending to be a character in a theater play or film. School drama clubs are an excellent activity that can help develop self-esteem, confidence and talent.

A child who is into sports most likely bonds with sports equipment everyday. If your child's talents include playing with the ball and watching full run of a game, physical activity is your child's creative outlet. Recognize this interest by visiting a live game, buying a sports equipment for recreation, or having your child join a team. It might be appropriate to search for groups offering sports workshops in your area (if the child's interest is high). Always consider the child's age, interest and level of participation required.

Developing Talent

You may want to find a talent mentor who can develop a gifted child's talent. Select an expert in the creative outlet that interests your children; however, you will need to be sensible about this. Monitor your child carefully to see if the interest is a passing one or one with longevity before investing a lot of time and money. Additionally, you must remember that your goal is to encourage and nurture your child's interest rather than pressure them with lessons (unless they want them) or other activities that are really designed to please you.

If you feel that your child's talent is special and you would like to cultivate it, finding an expert that is appropriately matched to your child's stage of development may be the next step. On the other hand, finding an award winning athlete to teach your child to swim is likely to be a wasted effort. Be realistic; find the best tutor you can afford and one that makes sense.

The best advice is to provide your children with the proper atmosphere to develop their talents naturally; i.e. encourage them but allow them to develop inner satisfaction so that they are not motivated by external approval. Many children have been stifled by over controlling parents who misinterpret their child's desires.

Ultimately, children's talents will blossom when they feel loved unconditionally and parents are supportive and guiding rather than pushy.

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