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How to Promote Your Costume Design Business


One of the best business options to go into and operate out of your own home is costume design. If you have a knack for creating innovative, exciting costume pieces, you can find a successful living in using your creativity to help in a variety of ways. Starting a business out of your own home provides you with a great number of different opportunities and freedoms that you wouldn't have while working at an outside company.

In order to make the most of your home costume design business, however, you'll need to know how to market it successfully. A good marketing campaign will help to draw in customers to your business and spread the word about your work to a larger community.

Know Your Targets

A costume design business is a type of company that will benefit from highly targeted marketing campaigns. The first thing that you should do when you're interested in promoting your costume design business is to think of the types of people and organizations who may be most interested in utilizing your services.

Depending upon the types of items that you create or design, you may be best off working with different groups of people. For instance, local theater groups and school theater departments are great places to find customers for a number of different types of costumes. You can also work with dance groups, as they oftentimes have a need for certain costume pieces and unique articles of clothing. Finally, if your costume design tends toward Halloween styles, you may wish to market your wares to a wider audience as well.


One of the best ways to get the name of your business out to the broader public and to get people to start thinking about your work is through advertising. Once you've thought of the best places to promote your business, you can get to work coming up with advertising strategies. For theater groups, for instance, you may wish to post fliers or posters on bulletin boards around local performing spaces. For school drama departments, it may be worthwhile to speak with teachers or administrators directly. And for Halloween costume designs, you might consider taking out an advertisement in a local paper or on the radio or TV prior to the time when people would be most interested in purchasing costumes.

Word of Mouth

Another great to ensure you get publicity is through word of mouth. As you begin to develop your customer base, provide them with an incentive to share information about your business with their friends. For instance, you might consider offering a discount to anyone who refers a friend who makes a purchase. As the reputation of your store spreads, you'll find that the discounts that you offer are more than made up for by the overall increase in business that you'll experience.

As with other elements of an at home business, promoting your costume design company is all about being flexible and trying out a variety of strategies to find the best one.

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