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How to Promote Your Candle Making Business


A candle making business is a fun and creative way to make money, but in order to sell your candles, people must be aware that they exist. There are many different ways to promote any business, so you can choose any or all of the following mediums to help you raise awareness about your candles for sale.

Open an Online Store

With prevalent sites like Ebay and Etsy, it's never been easier to make your handmade candles immediately available for sale. These two websites help people find the products they're looking for, so just by tagging your candles with keywords like "candle" and descriptions of the scent, searchers can be directed to your business. Once they're there, you'll need to capture their attention with great pictures and an effective item description. When opening an online store, be aware that the host will deduct a percentage of your total sales, and price your items accordingly.

Join Networking Sites

Giving customers a way to contact you directly and a place to publicly express their experiences with your candles will help to draw attention and drive up sales. Join sites like Facebook and Twitter to keep in contact with happy candle-buyers, and be sure to link back to your online store so everyone can find it.

PPC Advertising

If just listing your items for sale isn't enough, you can whip up some attention by buying PPC (pay per click) advertising through Google or other search engines. As the name denotes, this type of advertising means you only pay when someone actually visits your site through the PPC link. You can even choose how much or how little to pay per click and set daily limits. Visit Google Adwords if you're interested, which will help walk you through the process.

Branding and Identity

Nice business cards to include with each purchase or to give to people you meet are a good way to get new and repeat sales. Have pretty business cards designed for you which represent you accurately. If you're planning on expanding to be a real full-time candle business, you should also have a logo designed for use in all your promotions.

Local Papers and Flyers

If you have the money to spend, you might want to take out an ad in a local paper. A less expensive option is to print nice flyers and put them around town, especially in heavily frequented commercial areas. Be sure to include your contact information and the URL of your online store. Also, get permission from store managers before hanging flyers on their property.

Community Events

A good way to get exposure and appreciation within the community is to help sponsor events. If there's to be a fancy dinner, you might offer to supply candles for the tables for free in exchange for a mention during a speech. When starting a small new business, community involvement is a great place to begin.

There are all kinds of ways to advertise your candle making business, given some time and patience. Use any or all of the above suggestions to start you on your way toward regular sales and success.

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