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How to Promote Your Beauty Consulting Business


Beauty consultants help bring out a person's physical beauty by selling certain cosmetic products and advising people about their use. If you're thinking about starting your own beauty consulting business, you'll want to follow these steps to promote yourself and widen your customer base.

Step 1: Identify Your Customer Base

Before you spend a dime on marketing your business, research who your customer is and what beauty products they are likely to buy. Identify the demographic of your city or town and educate yourself about the beauty products used by each demographic. For example, an older demographic will be more interested in skincare and wrinkle-reducing creams while a younger demographic will be more interested in make-up. Know your customer, and you can be a successful beauty consultant.

Step 2: Spotlight Your Business

Once you've identified your target customer, find out what they do for entertainment and leisure activities. Find out where they shop and where they eat. Some examples are women's boutiques, wedding shops, beauty salons, gyms and spas. Now, go where they go and put up flyers, coupons, freebies and business cards, en masse! 

Step 3: Word of Mouth

You don't have to harass your friends or invite them to parties at your house to sell your beauty products. If your products are of good quality and a good value for your target market, just spread the word. Offer your beauty consulting services, and hand out your business card to everyone you know. 

Step 4: Showcase Your Products

Customers can only buy what they can see. A printed catalog or an online catalog (or both) are essential to selling your product. Include a postage paid post card in a printed catalog and a mailing list sign-up form in your online catalog. Create a mailing list of potential customers to offer future promotions and discounts to. 

Step 5:  Give It Away!

Don't be afraid to give your product away at first; it may be the best marketing dollars you spend. Find local venues where you can set up a table, offer free beauty consulting and give away samples or offer discounts like buy 1 get 1 free. Another idea is to donate products for charity events and auctions. This promotes your service while making a positive contribution within your community. 

Step 6: Educate Your Customers

In addition to selling beauty products, a beauty consultant has the job of educating customers about the newest trends in health and beauty. Create a blog or offer to write a column for the local newspaper. Your customers are more likely to buy your products if you convince them that you are an expert on the topic of beauty and that you're invested in helping them feel good about themselves. 

The steps above outline solid promotional ideas for making your beauty consulting business a success. Identify your customer base and the places they go, then promote your business, offer discounts, and direct them to your catalog. Give away free products within your community and go the extra mile to educate your customers about the latest trends in health and beauty.

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