How to Maximize Pay Per Click Ads


Pay per click ads are a form of online advertising that is favorable to the budget of most advertisers. If customers see the ads but don't click, the advertiser pays nothing. Each interested customer who does click on an ad generates ad revenue for the site publisher. That makes it advantageous to try to maximize the number of relevant ads on a page and to try to attract readers who will be interested enough to click.

Using Keywords to Attract Clicks

Pay per click ads are driven by the words that are on the pages that feature the ads. This form of online advertising uses an embedded code to pick up keywords from the page that correspond to the ads that are available. Ads that have the same keywords or very similar ones are then featured on the page.

Because of the way the ads are chosen, the key to making money with pay per click ads is targeting the page's traffic to the right audience. The right audience is made up of people who will be the most interested in the content of the page. To do this, the page should use keywords to drive the right traffic to the page. If the traffic is targeted to your topic, you will attract readers who are more likely to be interested in the pay per click ads on the page. This leads to more clicks and more money for the publisher. If the traffic is not targeted well, even large numbers of readers won't lead to any money from ad clicks. The readers simply won't be interested in what the ads are about. 

To get targeted readers, the page should have the keywords that people are looking for. To find the right ones, use a keyword tool to find the phrases that people are searching for. Then, use those words on the page in order to attract the right ads.

Ad Placement Online

The placement of pay per click ads is another important factor. The ads should be placed where they are clearly visible, but they should not distract from the content of the page. Having the ads at or near the top of the page ensures that the pay per click ads will be seen even if the reader doesn't scroll down the page. Many bloggers also suggest placing the ads on the right side of the page because of anecdotal evidence of higher clicks with this placement. 

Choosing More Pay Per Click Companies

Though AdSense is the pay per click champion, it is not the only company to offer pay per click ads. Chitika is a company that offers a similar text ad system to AdSense. Like AdSense, the ads are placed in customizable blocks of small text ads. As few as one can be placed in a small corner of a page, or a large block can be created that stretches across the length of the page. There are also companies that place text links into the copy of the page. The ads are placed into the keywords so that an ad pops up when anyone puts a cursor over the ads.

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