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How to Manage a Freelance Article Writing Schedule


Freelance article writing is a proven and legitimate work-at-home job that any mom with writing skills should consider. Whether it's writing for content creation websites, or finding your own clients to write for, it's possible to earn a steady paycheck that can provide additional or all the income your family needs. That often means you'll have a demanding article writing schedule, but once you learn how to manage it, you'll be a successful and profitable writer.

Step #1: Determine Work Hours and Days

The first thing you need to do is figure out your working hours. The best schedule is one that fits around your family schedule. You may only be able to work certain days, because of other duties and responsibilities. Write it down so that you know exactly what days and hours you can work.

Step #2: List Clients and Content Websites

Make a list of all the clients your currently have, or any content websites you write for as a freelancer. Order the list according to the volume of articles you produce. For example, if you write for a content generating website and are under contract to write 10 articles per week, make that number one. If you write 20 blog posts per month for a business client, and that's your second highest volume, make that number 2 on the list. Keep going until you've prioritized your list by the number of articles you're required to produce.

Step #3: Figure out How Long It Takes

Every article is different, and some freelance article writing assignments require more research than others. There's a point though when you've done enough articles to estimate that it will take you "X" amount of time to write it.  How long it takes may depend on the subject matter as well as the requirements. For example, it may take you one hour and 30 minutes to write and submit a 500 word article for one company, because they also require you to upload photos and write a meta description. Another company may require you to write and submit a 500 word article on a subject that requires little or no research on your part. That may take you only 30 to 45 minutes to write. For each client and content website, write down how long it takes per article.

Step #4: Assign Days of the Week

Now that you've prioritized the clients or websites, write down what days of the week you'll devote to writing for them. Knowing how long it takes to write articles for each will help you assign days. Let's say you have to write 10 articles a week for content website "A." Each article takes one hour to write. You only have two hours of writing time on Monday, but Tuesday through Friday, you have five hours of writing time. The best thing to do is to schedule writing for that website Tuesday and Wednesday. You could write for another client that requires less articles on Monday.  

Step #5: Checking out Assignments

Managing your freelance article writing schedule includes getting assignments from clients, or checking out or claiming article assignments from a general pool of assignments on content creation websites. You should not wait until the day you're writing to select assignments. That's a daily task that you need to schedule, much like checking email. When you do it, depends on the client or the website.  You may need to contact your client at a certain hour when you know they'll be at their desk. Some websites upload assignments at a certain time each day, and if you want to check out assignments that you want to write about, you need to be ready to check them out at the point. Editors of other websites may send emails notifying writers that new assignments are available to be claimed or check out, and you can respond as soon as you get the email or check that website often.

Managing a freelance article writing schedule is all about developing a system. Use these steps to help you create your own.

Daphne Mallory, Esq. is the co-owner of Mallory Writing Services and has written more than 100 articles helping home based business owners and entrepreneurs start and market their business. You can learn more about her here.

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