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How to Make Money Blogging With 5 Revenue Streams


Many people often wonder how to make money blogging. Making money with blogging is not something that will guarantee riches, and building a steady stream of income will take time. Successful monetized blogs have a large readership and great content in place before money starts coming in. There are 5 main revenue streams that help turn a blogging passion into a paid job.


1. Direct Ad Sales


Selling advertising spots on a blog directly to sponsors is a great source of revenue for a blog. For many, it is hard to find sponsors, because sponsors require a certain level of traffic to be reached before they are willing to pay for the ad. If people do not see the ad, the sponsor is wasting money. Blogging takes quite a bit of effort to build the content and readership.


2. AdSense and Other Ad Networks


Signing up with AdSense and other ad networks, such as AdBrite, is a method of monetizing a relatively new blog. Ads can be placed without the presence of readers, as the money is earned from the number of times the ads are clicked. Ads should be carefully placed throughout the blog layout to ensure readers can still see the content and navigate freely throughout the blog.


3. Affiliate Programs and Affiliate Networks


Every blog niche will have products and services around it bloggers can market on the blog to increase earning potential from the blog. There are several different affiliate programs available, each with different rules and regulations. has a popular affiliate program for residents of most states, and all bloggers need to do is link to the product. When a reader makes a purchase through the link, a percentage of the total cost is credited to the blogger's account.


4. Build a Site to Promote Consulting Services


Building a site to go along with the blog to promote consulting services is an effective way to monetize blogging efforts. Bloggers can charge a fee for consulting services based on a variety of factors, and offer ongoing consultation with some clients for a continuous fee.


5. Ghost Blogging


Making money blogging is also possible through becoming a ghost blogger for another company. This is the easiest way for most people to make money with blogging because the blog is established with readers and earns money already (and the blogger earns a flat rate per post).


For many, building an reputable blog is hard because they aren't sure what should be done. Through consistently adding posts and promoting the blog, it will eventually become easy to monetize.

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