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How To Improve Your Time Management Skills


For many work at home moms, the need to improve time management skills is critical. At the end of the day, many work at home moms feel that they have left a number of tasks unfinished, causing a need for better time management skills. How can you balance the intimidation of work, home and personal life when you work from home?

Create To-Do Lists and Stick With Them

To see what you have to accomplish on any given day, it is a good idea to make a daily to-do list. Avoid making your list to long, which will become daunting. Start with five or 10 tasks that you want to accomplish throughout the course of the day. The key to making lists is to be realistic in your expectations of yourself and to follow through with your plans. In other words, don't create a to-do list for the sake of creating a list.

Avoid Procrastination

Although it is easy to "set it and forget it" at times, procrastination is a productivity killer. Continuing to put off daily tasks will lead to weekly tasks, which will lead to monthly tasks and before you know it, these tasks will become inconceivable. Try to avoid procrastination at all costs, setting goals to accomplish everything on your daily to-do list.

Focus and Concentrate on One Task at a Time

In order to be the most efficient during working hours, focus on one task a time. Rather than trying to plan your day and think about your approaching deadlines while you are undertaking an assignment, think only about the task at hand. Remove as many distractions as possible, including the telephone, television, etc. Creating a schedule will allow you this time to devote ample time to each task that needs to be completed.

Create a Schedule

Because work at homes moms juggle assignments and deadlines for work, their families and various household tasks, it is often hard to get everything done. Rather than just expecting that everything will get completed by the end of the day, though you have no idea when or where, create a schedule that outlines your daily routine. Make realistic and fair time frames to schedule your work duties, the needs of your family and home and equally important, yourself.

Get Adequate Amounts of Sleep

Your body requires a certain amount of sleep in order to be productive and function at your greatest potential. Don't deprive yourself of this necessary sleep. In fact, going to bed at the same time each night and waking up at the same time each morning will make you feel more rested during the day. Try to get eight full, uninterrupted hours of sleep each night.

Make Time for You

As hard as it sounds, making time for yourself is necessary to prevent burnout and alleviate stress. Working from home is both challenging and rewarding, with clear benefits and drawbacks. Take time to schedule yourself a pedicure, massage, cup of tea on the porch or lunch meeting with a friend.

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