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How to Get Comfortable with Breastfeeding in Public


Breastfeeding in public can be embarrassing to some women because of the perceived exposure. There are some people who take offense to a women breastfeeding in public, adding to the discomfort. To get comfortable breastfeeding in public, try out several different coverings that you can use to keep yourself from any unnecessary exposure. There are speciality covers available that fit around the mother's neck and keep the breast and the baby's head covered. Other women find that they like using a baby blanket to cover the entire area.

Remember Importance of Breastfeeding

Remember how important breastfeeding is. This can give you confidence in the face of any social stigma that you may face. Simply remember why you are doing it and you will be able to hold your ground if there is a problem. You may want to breastfeed in public the first few times with a friend who has had the experience before. This can also boost confidence, and it gives you someone to talk to about any discomfort you feel. 

Keep Water on Hand and Ensure Back Support

Breastfeeding will keep you sitting still for a long period of time, and it can make you quite thirsty throughout the process. Make sure that you have a drink with you and that your back is supported when you begin nursing. This will save you any problems with backaches and from having to stop the process to get a drink. Some mothers like to sit on a cushion or to put a cushion behind their backs while they feed. This may be especially important if you are in a public place that has uncomfortable chairs.

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