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How to Find Customers for Your Jewelry Design Business


If you want to make your jewelry design business a success, you need to find customers. Here are simple strategies to building a customer base and growing your business.

Word of Mouth

The easiest and most effective way to get customers is to start with your friends and family. Give some of your best pieces to your friends and family. Let them wear them around town. Your pieces are bound to get the attention of other jewelry lovers. Be sure to equip your friends with some of your business cards, so they can pass them along when your jewelry comes up in conversation.

You may even want to try selling your pieces at a jewelry party. Either you or a loved one can host a gathering and invite plenty of potential customers. You can even make pieces on the spot, customizing your jewelry to fit your customer's specifications.

Go to Craft Shows

Craft shows are a great way to get new customers. Find out when shows are happening in your area. There is a small fee to get a table space. These shows usually require you to register a few months in advance, so keep on the look for information. Also, try selling your pieces at local churches' Holiday bazaars.

Consignment Shops

You can sell your jewelry to consignment shops for a percentage of what they make off your pieces. While this might not be the most profitable option, it will help get your jewelry design business some exposure. Call up your local shops to find out more information about selling you items.

Online Auction Sites

Online auction sites like ebay are great for developing your business and building a customer base. Ebay allows you to set up your own online store where you can sell all your pieces online. With ebay, you have to pay a fee for each listing you post in addition to the monthly fee for maintaining your online store. It tends to get pricey if you don't have a lot of money coming into your business. However, if customers give you a good review, it could help generate more sales.

Social Networking

If you have a website, use social network sites like myspace and facebook to promote it and generate sales. Create a separate account for your business and have your friends and acquaintances become fans of your page. These sites can put you in contact with people in your demographic and can help you find new customers. You can also post about your website on online communities and blogs. Always include your site in your signature to help drive traffic to your site and boost your sales.

Find a Bride

If you know a friend who is getting married, offer to make her or her bridesmaids a piece of jewelry as a wedding present. Everyone who looks at the wedding photos will want to know where she got that stunning bracelet. Your friend gets a unique, one of a kind wedding present, and you also get a little bit of free publicity for your business.

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