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How to Find Clients for Your Tax Preparation Business


Starting a tax preparation business is a lot easier than many people think. If you are good with people and numbers, this is definitely a good business to consider. You do not necessarily have to be a CPA or tax accountant to start this business. However, it is important that you are well versed with state and federal tax laws, IRS rules and regulations and filing requirements. You can take a training course to be a certified tax preparer.

While attending the course and getting certified is not difficult, you would have to make some efforts to get clients. Mentioned below are some tips to help you find clients for your tax preparation business.

Cold Contacting

This is similar to cold calling. Cold contacting includes looking for clients everywhere. This is done by making random phone calls or sending emails to random people. Cold contacting needs a lot of patience and perseverance. More often than not, this method of looking for clients is time consuming and expensive. It can also be quite demoralizing as you can get rejected most of the time.

Print Ads

A great way to target a large number of customers is by creating print ads like posters and flyers. You can post these in your locality where people can see them easily. For instance, ask your local supermarket or shopping centre to put up a few of your flyers. This will take your business to hundreds of people in and around your community. With this kind of advertising, you can reach out to a large number of people. You can also include an ad in your local newspaper.

Radio Advertisement

If your budget permits, you can also use a radio advertisement to promote your services. There are many people who tune into the radio, so you can be sure they will hear your ad. But ensure that your ad is played at the right time for people to hear it. Airing your advertisement late at night will not be fruitful. You must air it during peak hours when people travel back and forth from work. They will most probably have their radios on and come across your radio ad.


Another good way to reach out to more clients is by asking for referrals. Word of mouth is an inexpensive and effective way to promote a business. Ask your clients to refer you to anyone else they know. You may get more business as your clients will surely refer you to their friends and family who trust and believe in them.

In addition to all these, you can also post advertisements for your services on Angieslist or Craigslist, where people look for these kinds of services. You can also get an 800 number so that handling client enquiries becomes easy and more professional.

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