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How to Find a Life Coach that's Right for You


There are many situations in which you may need to find a life coach. A life coach works to help reinforce and encourage beneficial life skills. He can help you to incorporate these skills into your everyday actions in order to improve all facets of your life, from your job and financial situation to your personal and even romantic endeavors. Due to the highly personal nature of the work that a life coach performs, it's essential that you find someone who will be able to work well with you. Read on for a brief guide on how to find a life coach that will work well for your needs.

Step 1: Look for a Referral

One of the very best ways to find a life coach that you will work well with is through a referral. Ask your friends, family, and coworkers for any recommendations that they have. If any of those people have worked with a life coach at a time of transition or a difficult period in their own lives, they may be able to recommend that person to you. Otherwise, close friends and family can oftentimes help you to look in the right direction for the best coach.

Step 2: Look Online

Many life coaches have an online presence. Whether a coach has a personal website or has provided seminars or lessons that are recorded and available online, the Internet can be a great resource for finding a coach that will work for you. Watch any videos or other materials that you can find in order to get a sense for the different styles that are available.

Step 3: Look in the Phone Book

Many life coaches have listings in the local phone book to provide contact information and help as well. If you're interested in finding a life coach in your area specifically, this can be a good way to find a number of different options.

Step 4: Contact Potential Coaches

After you've determined a few potential coaches who you may be interested in working with, you should then plan to contact each of them. You may either email or call them, depending on where you found their contact information.

When you contact a potential coach, you should introduce yourself briefly and describe the goals that you have. Ask coaches how they would help you to achieve those goals. You can also ask more specific and detail oriented questions, including those having to do with the cost of sessions and the duration of a lesson program as well. This interaction will help you to see how those individual coaches operate and what their styles will be like.

Step 5: Make Your Decision, but Keep Options Open

When you've decided on a life coach, enter into his program wholeheartedly. Be aware, however, that there are other options available as well. If you find that your experience with that particular coach is not what you had hoped for, consider switching and working with another coach instead.

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