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How to Earn Money in Freelance Writing


One way to earn money working from the comfort of your home or local coffee shop is freelance writing. Whether you desire a steady writing gig or just an occasional project, freelance writing is a writing career with plenty of potential. 

The Internet Machine is Hungry

In these modern times the key to online success is content. Whether you are selling products or blogging about ideas, a constant stream of fresh content is necessary to attract the attention of search engines, which is how people find your website. In this vein, web owners need freelance writers to provide this constant content. This means there is an almost infinite opportunity for writers to earn money online. 

Types of Writing

Depending on your skills, knowledge and experience, there are many different types of writing in demand: 

  • Web content in the forms of article writing, product reviews and descriptions and blog writing.
  • Technical writing is formal writing for instructional manuals and guides.
  • Business writing includes writing press releases, sales letters, business plans, speeches and presentations, and grant writing.
  • Editing and proofreading utilize your writing skills to refine what someone else has already written. 


Writing Skills

To earn money as a freelance writer, the most important skill you need is a love of writing. Writing, like any art or craft, takes dedication and determination to achieve success. You also need an excellent command of the English language, as well as impeccable grammatical skills and a diverse vocabulary.  

Find Freelance Jobs

There are many places to find a freelance writing job:

  • Freelance bidding websites, content and article publishing websites and local help wanted ads are a good place to start your search. Some freelance bidding websites charge a small fee for each job you complete, and some also charge a monthly subscription fee for expanded privileges. Content and article publishing websites allow you the freedom to submit articles on any topic you choose. Sometimes they pay you up front for accepted articles and allow you to set usage fees for potential content buyers.
  • Some great websites to begin looking for freelance jobs are Craigslist, and
  • Another way to earn money writing is to search employment ads. Local companies often advertise for contract copy writers, article writers and web content developers.


Promote Yourself

To earn money as a writer, you need to promote yourself well in writing. When you sign up on a bidding website or an article publishing website, you will first create a profile. Take the time to craft an attractive profile that outlines your skills and your writing experience. The same goes for writing proposals or answering local ads for freelance writing. Write creatively, accurately and concisely about how you will fulfill the job requirements and why you are the right person for the job. 

A love of writing and good writing skills are all that is necessary to launch your writing career. The internet provides many outlets for freelance writing in the form of bidding websites, content publishing websites and local employment ads. And, because of the current demand for content, it has never been easier to earn money in freelance writing.

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