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How to Discuss the Option of a Vasectomy Procedure with Your Husband


Deciding to have a vasectomy procedure is a serious decision. Therefore, the option should be thoroughly discussed and understood before it is serious considered as a birth control option. Thoroughly conduct your research and put as much thought as possible into the discussion prior to broaching the subject. Also, make sure you choose the ideal time to address this issue. If you want to discuss the option of a vasectomy procedure with your husband, here is how to open up this discussion:

Step 1: Determine Your Motives

Think about what the reasons are that you are contemplating discussing your husband having a vasectomy. Consider how this will effect your relationship. For example, be sure that you know that he does not want to father any more children. If you do not know this, be prepared to have this aspect as part of the discussion.

Step 2: Review All Options

Thoroughly review all of your options. Think about all of the birth control methods available and understand why none of them have worked sufficiently for you. Make a list of all of the birth control methods you have used and the outcomes. For example, perhaps birth control pills caused unwanted side effects. Condoms may make sex less enjoyable. Diaphragms and other birth control tools could be less than adequate, particularly if using them resulted in an unplanned pregnancy.

Step 3: Understand the Vasectomy Outcome

The results of a vasectomy could be different than you anticipated. While not a completely and permanent birth control method, the chances that your husband can impregnate a female will decrease substantially, even after a reversal.

Step 4: Discuss Cost Concerns

Find out what the vasectomy procedure will cost. Most health insurance does not cover the cost of the procedure. Check with your local family planning clinic to find out about costs and to get other information. Also, reversal costs can be much higher than the actual vasectomy.

Step 5: Understand the Vasectomy

Find out from your doctor or clinic what a vasectomy entails. Most vasectomies take place in the general doctor's office and many family planning clinics also offer the procedure. Find out about all of the potential risks and issues. Be as informed as possible and know what will be required.

Step 6: Arrange for the Discussion

Choose a quiet, relaxed atmosphere and time to have the discussion. Pick a neutral place away from home with privacy. Take your notes with you. Begin by confirming that you both don't want to have any or more children. If there have been issues with birth control, address this. Then, ask if he has ever thought of having a vasectomy. If at any time he becomes agitated, conclude the conversation to perhaps have at another time. He may need more time to digest and consider it.

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