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How to Discuss Having More Kids with Your Partner


Having more kids is a topic many couples either avoid or argue about. There are many things to discuss and think about when considering having another baby. There are some basic rules for entering into the conversation.

Be a Listener

When you approach your partner about having another baby, be prepared to really listen to what he says. Don't take it personally if he says he's not ready or is not sure about having another baby. Use his words as a stepping stone to find out why he feels that way or why he wants to wait. Talking and communicating is the only way to work through any problem. Stay calm and open-minded. Try to understand why he feels the way he does.

Now or Later

People change. When the discussion takes on the 'I'm not ready' tone, don't think that means forever. Just because your partner doesn't want another baby right now doesn't mean he won't want one when he's more financially stable or when he can afford a bigger car (or any number of factors). Maybe he feels the child's sibling is too young for a baby brother or sister. These thoughts often have roots from his own childhood, and you should be ready to listen and wait patiently.

Set a Date

If your discussion does not yield a productive result, set a date to reevaluate. This date should be one both partners agree upon, and should give plenty of time for each to think about the idea of having more kids. Growing your family should be a joyful occasion with both partners fully on board and this often takes time and patience.

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