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How to Develop an Internet Marketing Strategy


Any online business needs its own Internet marketing strategy that takes into account the best ways to bring in customers. Some businesses work best with a high volume of traffic, such as businesses that rely on ads that pay by page views. Other businesses need more targeted traffic to bring in people who are most likely to buy from that business.

Getting Targeted Customers

One of the most important aspects of your advertising strategy should be to target your marketing and advertising to the audience that will be most interested in buying from you. If you are selling scented candles, going after the teenage gaming crowd isn't a likely demographic. Instead, marketing to adult women is a far more likely customer base.

Creating a Marketing Website

Having your own website is a must for marketing any products, even if the products are being sold by someone else. If you are selling products from a catalog or from someone else's website, you still need your own, central website to market those products. The website can house numerous marketing articles that will bring in customers from search engines. 

On the website, the articles can lead directly to payment buttons or to pages where the products are available for purchase. If the product is on someone else's website, the articles can link to the other site either through text links or from a link at the end of the article that directs customers to the website.

Adding Income Streams

Marketing products online often leads to many different streams of income. You can place advertising on your website in order to bring in an additional income. You can also add affiliate items to a website that sells your own products. With several streams of income coming in, many Web marketers find that they can start making money far faster than they could if they were depending only on their own product sales.

Purchasing Online Advertising

Buying advertising online is generally less expensive than offline advertising given the number of people that you can reach. It is possible to buy ads through ad networks like AdSense and Microsoft adCenter. These ads place small text ads on other people's websites and provide a link back to your website. 

Other ad networks allow you to choose blogs where you will place your small text or graphic ads. These ads can be targeted so that the blogs where they are placed are ones that cater to your targeted demographic.

Free Advertising

Many Web marketers use forums and other people's blogs to market their websites. This can be done by leaving comments on both, leaving a link to your website on the site. Blog comment forms generally have a place to leave a URL behind, and this can bring in a lot of traffic if used correctly.

Leaving behind thoughtful comments that add to the discussion can encourage readers to click on your link and visit your website. The same is true for leaving comments on forums. By choosing forums and blogs that reach your demographic, you can bring in unlimited traffic for free.

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