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How to Develop an At-Home Career as a Social Media Specialist


If you're thinking of looking for an at home career job, you might want to try being a social media specialist. What exactly does a social media specialist do? Nowadays, many small business owners do not have the time to update their online marketing activities and presence in social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. A social media specialist's job is to help this small business promote its products and services and assist it in boosting its presence online as well. Before deciding to become one, find out the pros and cons of being a social media specialist below.


The growing popularity of social media sites means more opportunities available online. Being a social media specialist also requires a minimum amount of investment, training and equipment. And lastly, you can choose to concentrate on a certain niche since social media covers a broad range of online presence.


Despite having a strong background on how the Internet works, knowledge of basic, sometimes advanced marketing principles is also needed. Since social media is continuously evolving, you may have to update yourself often on current technologies. Although social media is gaining popularity among Internet users, there are still some companies who do not understand its ability to help them boost their sales; you might have to educate them first before you start with your sales pitch.

Now that you already know the pros and cons of being a social media specialist, below are some tips on how to start as a home based social media specialist.

Differentiate Targeted Followers to Plain Followers

Perhaps, it's easy for you to amass a thousand followers on Twitter overnight; however, your main goal should not be just all about gathering as many followers as you can. You need to devise a plan on how to amass targeted followers based on your client's products and services. You can start by determining followers with the same interests and hobbies.

Boost Your Online Presence

You need to boost your own online presence first before offering to boost the online presence of others. Potential clients may do a little background check of your business online and find out if you can deliver and measure up to their expectations and standards.  In the first place, how will you persuade them to hire you when you can't even increase your own Alexa rank? You may need to position yourself first as an authority in the social media business before offering your services.

If you're ranking stats are low, blog around three times a day for a month. Make sure that your content is neither copied nor rehashed. You can write about popular topics but make it unique by adding in a little personal twist.

Associate with the Elite

Associate with the elite in the social media industry. Subscribe to their blogs and learn from them. You don't have to follow their techniques but find out what makes them click. After a few gigs and projects, you can already brand yourself and come up with your own techniques.

It still boils down to passion. If you're just trying to ride with the fad, being a social media specialist may not be for you.

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