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How to Develop a Small Business Marketing Strategy


To develop a small business marketing strategy you have to start by doing some research and devising a plan. You have to know which strategies to use to attract and keep customers by products, promotion, price or persuasion. Most small business owners have a low marketing budget, which means that every marketing strategy must be effective, and reach out to as many people in your niche as possible. Having a good marketing strategy is an ongoing process that never ends and must remainflexible to the changing economy and way of life.

Marketing Strategies

  • Set future goals. this is essential before drafting the rest of your plan. Once you know where you are going it will be easier to figure out how to get there.
  • Decide what makes your business special and unique from the competition. This will entice people to buy your product or service.
  • Find out about different activities and events in your area like arts shows and fundraising events and get a booth. This will place you and your product or service right in the public eye giving you a chance to meet in person and shake hands with prospective clients.
  • Getting free publicity through the media will potentially boost your business. You can do this by placing an ad in the classified section, by offering to write an article having to do with your niche or by writing a column. In addition, writing articles for magazines will gain you exposure and credibility. Let the public get to know you by writing your personal story to publish.
  • Volunteering for events such as fundraisers and teaching classes through the chamber of commerce will help to boost your credibility.
  • Build a webpage that is keyword optimized and create content pages attached to that webpage to attract people to your website. Also, find other webpage's in your niche and offer to do a link exchange with them. Add a blog to your webpage to attract customers and find other blogs that will allow you to write a guest post for a link exchange and byline in return.
  • Tell stories of how you have helped a previous client overcome a challenge or if you are new, create a realistic scenario about how you would help a client with a particular problem.
  • Make people want to call you. Send out a monthly postcard mailing giving several reasons for them to use your service and offer general as well as holiday discounts. Launch an email campaign. email friends and tell them about your business. Ask them to email their friends and tell them and so on.
  • Pick your most influential friends or business associates and ask them to introduce you to at least five people they think you should meet that will help you grow your business. Get to know each contact and discuss your business plans and goals.
  • Ask other business owners in your niche for referrals of clients for which they do not have time. For successful clients, send a thank you card with a gift card enclosed to thank them for their support.

Keep your eyes on the prize, which is your successful small business. You must know your own capabilities and remain focused on the customers best served by your company.

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