How to Determine Your Google Pagerank


As a website owner, you are probably concerned about your Google PageRank. If you haven't thought about it or don't know what a Google PageRank is, then this article will provide you with an overview about Google PageRank and how to find out how your website ranks within the Google search engine.

Google PageRank Defined

How the pages of your website rank within Google's search engine is defined as PageRank. Google PageRank is a function of the quantity of inbound links to your website and the relative quality or PageRank of the websites that are linked to your website. The calculation to determine your Google PageRank is based on a search algorithm that represents the probability that a person, randomly clicking links while surfing the Internet, will eventually come to your website. However, there is some possibility for manipulation of the search algorithm to falsely inflate a website's Google PageRank, making it an imperfect system for ranking web pages.

Google PageRank and SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the term used for the process of optimizing your website for search engines. This process involves more than just increasing your Google PageRank. Aside from quantities of high quality inbound links, your website can also be optimized with keywords. The way this works is that the more often you use a relevant keyword within the text of your website, the higher your website will appear when someone searches that keyword in Google or another search engine. Examples of places that keywords should appear on your website are within the body copy, captions, title, headlines and domain name of your website.

Other ways of optimizing your website for search engines is to upload fresh content on a regular basis so that the search engine spiders will find new content every time it crawls for new information.

Determine Your Google PageRank

While the algorithm formula for determining page rank is quite complicated, the simplest way to determine your website's Google PageRank is to go to a website like We Improve Search Engine Rankings or  Page Rank Checker and type in your website url. In some cases, you will also get an analysis of the number of inbound links to your website that were detected as well as a PageRank score from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest rank you can have. If you have Google Toolbar installed on your web browser, you can actually check the Google PageRank for every website you visit.

Google PageRank is one important factor that determines where your website shows up when someone searches keywords relevant to your website within a search engine. It is a good idea to find out what your Google PageRank is and, if you can, to determine the areas where you can use SEO tools to improve your website's chances of being found when someone types your website's main keywords into a search engine.

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