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How to Change a Diaper Step-by-Step

Diaper advice on how to change a diaper is basically the same, whether using a disposable or a cloth diaper. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to change a diaper:

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Get all of your changing supplies together like a clean diaper, wet cloths, soft paper towels or wipes. Also have a preventative or healing ointment or lotion ready.

Step 2: Prepare the Area

Make a clean, warm, dry area on which to change the baby. Use a changing table or make an area using a clean changing cloth or diaper over a towel or blanket on a warm surface.

Step 3: Sanitize Hands

Wash your hands using an antibacterial soap. Dry them thoroughly with a clean cloth or paper towel. Make sure whatever you use is not contaminated, such as a kitchen towel that has been in use.

Step 4: Unfasten the Diaper

Gently use the front end of the diaper to wipe away excess urine or stool. Cover the penis if a boy with a clean cloth to avoid an accident. Gently grasp the baby's ankles together and lift him off the changing area with one hand. Use the other hand to fold the diaper away from the baby under him so that the clean side is up. Roll it swiftly and discard into a garbage pail, diaper pail, trash bin or small sack.

Step 5: Clean the Baby's Frontal Area

Using a soft baby wipe or damp cloth, wipe toward the back to keep bacteria away from the genitals that can cause infection. Lift the baby's legs to clean under the bottom with the other side of the cloth.

Step 6: Apply Cream

Place the back half of a clean diaper under the baby's bottom so that the front half is between the legs. Make sure the diaper is smooth and not bunched up between his legs. Avoid covering the umbilical cord if a newborn. There are special disposables for newborns or you can fold down cloth diapers. Tuck a boy's penis down so there will be no accident over the diaper top.

Step 7: Fasten Diaper

Securely fasten the diaper so that it is snug but not too tight.

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