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How to Build Your Side Business While Still Working

A full time job doesn't have to halt your side business ambitions. Follow these tips to build up this great side income opportunity.
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By day, you work as a market research analyst. By night, you’re designing websites and creating HTML code in your basement. While it initially started out as a hobby, you’ve seen your little idea turning into a somewhat steady business. Thing is, you’re not quite ready to leave your 9-5 just yet. Here are some tips on how to build your side business while you’re still working.

Schedule the Time

Between your regular job, your family, and the million other things on your daily to-do list, finding the time to nurture your burgeoning business may seem virtually impossible. But in order to take on this task full-time, you’ll need to make it a priority. So schedule as much time as you realistically can to work on your business, and actually block out the time on your calendar. That way, you’ll take it more seriously—and treasure the uninterrupted time you have to work on your business.

Ask for a Flexible Schedule

Lately, you’ve noticed that you’ve been staying later and later at the office. You don’t want to slack off in your job duties, but you still want to be able to grow your business, too. Set up a meeting with your boss to see if you can work a flexible schedule or even telecommute part-time. Without having to face down a lengthy commute each day, you can use all of that extra time to build your business before punching in at 9:00 a.m. at your job.

Create a New Network

Chances are, you might need a new network of contacts in order to see your business flourish. Establish your business’ online presence by creating accounts on all of the social media channels. Reach out to people within this new industry to network, make new friends, or discover new information. And be sure to use your network to make your career change, too. These connections can be crucial in the beginning stages of your business and help you take your business to the next level.

Set Specific Goals

It can be hard to grow your business if you don’t have goals. The goals don’t have to be lofty in nature (e.g., “I want to make a million dollars this year.”). Rather, the goals should be both short-term and specific, such as completing your website within the next 60 days. By having targeted goals, you’ll give yourself some self-imposed deadlines that can help you stay on track while giving your business a much-needed boost.

Share Your Successes

Your friends and family might not take your new business seriously at first. Let them know that this isn’t a passing fancy but an actual business by keeping them in the loop. Share each new success that you achieve and your plans for the future as well. Once they see your dedication, focus, and passion, they will become your biggest cheerleaders. Their support will, in turn, motivate you to work harder to realize your dream and allow your business to flourish.

It might seem like a huge undertaking to start a side business while you are gainfully employed, but there’s actually no better time to do it. By working on your business little by little, you are learning how to create and maintain a job you’ll love for years to come.

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