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How to Avoid the Work-at-Home Weight Gain


For the work-at-home mom living the sedentary lifestyle, weight gain can quickly become a "heavy" concern. However, committing to an exercise regimen, having a schedule, and being careful about the types of snacks you choose, can all contribute to achieving your goal weight.

Set a Schedule

There's no reason why weight gain should be more of a concern for a work-at-home mom than a woman working in an office. After all, both are likely sitting down most of the day, with only short and brief walks from one place to another. The difference between these two women is that one always has a specific schedule. The office worker knows when she needs to arrive at work and precisely at what time she leaves. This allows her to schedule and stick to other commitments, like exercising.

Conversely, as a WAHM, nobody tells you when to start working or when you have to stop. You can easily become absorbed in your work and spend far longer hours working from home than you would working in an office. Without divvying up your time in a reasonable manner before you begin, you don't have that knowledge of free time with which to exercise and do other things.

So, set a schedule with time blocks specifically allocated to certain activities. Know how many hours you need to work to accomplish your goals, and set aside those hours for work. Once you've worked for that period of time, make yourself take the rest of the day off.

Create an Exercise Regimen

While scheduling your day, set a specific period of time aside for exercising. Many WAHMs choose to simply take walks, or perhaps go for a light jog. These are nice ways to get out of the house and get moving, or to ease into heavier exercise; however, they are not an efficient use of time as far as burning calories.

Per hour, more intense workouts like kickboxing or calisthenics are ideal for calorie burning. While you certainly don't have to kill yourself with exercise all the time, know your ideal window for weight, and be aware that you might have to dedicate more effort to more intense workouts if you begin creeping above that window.

At-home work out videos are ideal for the WAHM, as they allow you to workout in the comfort of your own home. If the baby starts screaming and needs to be changed in the middle of the video, you can simply pause it and pick up where you left off.

Watch Your Snacking

Unhealthy snacks are a dangerous temptation, especially for a work-at-home mom. In the office, you can only have what you bring to work or purchase on the way; at home, there are often all kinds of fattening temptations in the pantry already, perhaps intended for your kids. You don't have to eliminate these treats from your home (although it might be healthier if you did), but you should also be very aware of what you're consuming. It can be helpful to have a mini-fridge in your office filled with things like water, fruits and vegetables. When you want a snack, you'll be more inclined to grab something healthy from a closer source rather than going to the kitchen or pantry.

By allocating your time reasonably, being careful about the food you eat and keeping up with a daily exercise regimen, you can maintain your weight (or maybe even lose some) as a work-at-home mom.

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