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How Stay-At-Home Moms Work From Home: Turning a Challenge Into Reality


When stay-at-home moms work from home, how do they manage to get work done and take care of the kids too? It's definitely a difficult task to balance work and home and to work with kids, but many moms do it every day. The ability to work from home allows moms to be there for their children, without feeling as though they've placed too much financial burden on their spouses or partners. In addition, it saves money on daycare and other related expenses. For new WAHM's, it can be difficult to master the balance, so here are a few tips to get work done while taking care of the kids.

Work in Blocks

The blessing and curse of working from home with children is that moms won't be able to get a lot of work done at once. Working in small blocks around the children's schedules will allow a balance between getting work done and spending time with the kids. Work in the mornings after play time and during naps.

Get up Early and Stay Up Late

When it's quiet, moms can be more productive. If possible, get up at least an hour before the rest of the family does to help get work done. This quiet hour will make a great difference in the amount of work done for the day if the remainder of the work day deals with loud kids in the background. If getting up early isn't ideal, try staying up an hour or two after the rest of the family goes to bed. It will accomplish the same thing as getting up early will. If there is really a lot to accomplish, try getting up early and staying up late to see how much work can get done.

Start with a Light Load

Until moms know how much they can get done in a day while working from home and taking care of the kids, it is important they start small. If there's too much to do, they'll quickly get overwhelmed. The more experience they have working from home and the more of a routine they get down with the kids, the easier it will be to gauge how much work they can do. Gauging the workload will help set a schedule.

Let the Children Mimick

If possible, set up a work area similar work area for the children. This way, the children will be able to "work" with mom and feel important and special too. For moms who type the majority of the day, this is easy because there are several different toy computers available that will help the children learn while "working."

Stay-at-home moms who work from home have one of the hardest jobs in the world, trying to balance work and home. They must constantly switch gears throughout the day, and making sure both work and domestic responsibilities are met each day is not always easy. They should do the best they can each day, and not stress if it can't all get done.

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