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How Small Business Tax Cuts Can Help You


Small business tax cuts can help a business by reducing the amount of taxes they owe. These cuts can help small businesses who take advantage of them as well as consumers. Your tax preparer will be informed about any cuts that can be applied to your small business taxes.


Tax cuts for small business owners are designed to boost the economy by putting more money in the business owner's pocket. Hopefully, this will allow you to hire more employees and buy more products to increase your business. Tax cuts help reduce the rate of unemployment when this happens. Government officials see this as a sure way to create more jobs for workers who have been laid off or displaced.

Pay Increase

Tax cuts can often increase your take home pay. Tax cuts, such as those implemented in 2011, decrease unemployment taxes and social security taxes that are normally held out of your paycheck. The 2011 cuts only amounted to 2 percent, but that creates extra money for workers to spend, therefore boosting the economy. Increasing take home pay is a definite benefit for workers.

Lower Prices

As more jobs become available through tax cuts, consumers have more money in their pocket to spend. Hopefully, this money is used to buy products in our economy which will create an increased demand, therefore lowering prices on products we want to buy. If consumers choose to save or invest their money, it does not have the immediate effect of boosting the economy and increasing spending. Buyer confidence puts the economy on a fast track to success.

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