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How Much Quality Time Should You Set Aside for You and Your Children?


It is a part of motherhood to want to make sure you spend some quality time caring for your young children. Every child is different and requires different amounts of attention, but you should remember to set aside time each day to spend some quality time with your little bundle of joy.

Achieving Work/Life Balance

As a work-at-home mom, you need to balance your work with the time spent with your child. Your children will occasionally interrupt your work time with their needs, and that is to be expected, but you must make sure that you are still keeping a balance between your work and your family life.

Create a Schedule

Spend some time writing out a schedule. Know how much work you need to get done, and write that into the schedule. If you child takes frequent naps, try to schedule your work during those naps to give you a little extra quality time with your child. After making your work schedule, put in 2-4 hours a day to spend with your child and engage in quality activities.

When you spend time with your child, make sure that you are not going to be interrupted by anything else. Quality time with your child is spending time without distractions.


Chose activities that can be done close to home so that you do not feel stressed about getting back to work. When you are spending time with your child, you should be as stress-free as possible so that it will be a positive experience for both you and your child.

Take Walks

That being said, you could take short walks around your neighborhood or a near-by park. This could be relaxing for you and for the baby, as well as let them experience new things about life.

Read to Your Child

If you want to stay indoors, read a book to your child or swing to some music while you speak gently to it. Hearing your voice and hearing new stories will help keep your child's mind active. If it is a picture book, let your baby look at the pictures.

Play with the Baby

Try listening to gentle music while you massage your baby. This could be soothing for both of you, and it will help the baby's circulation. It might also encourage your baby to fall back to sleep, and you will be renewed for more work. You could also use a colorful toy and play with it around your baby and allow your baby to follow it with their eyes.

Sing with Your Child

If your child is a little older, try teaching her how to speak, sing or walk. If they are passed this stage in life, encourage them to learn their numbers, or sing the alphabet song with them. This will not only let you spend quality time with your child, but she will also learn something she'll need to know later in life.

Quality time is good for your current and future relationship with your child, and it will also help stimulate her brain to begin the learning process of life.

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