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How Can I Get a Data Entry Job With No Experience?


by: Gracie Myers

Data entry jobs are hard to get without some previous experience to back you up. The job of a data entry operator or clerk is essential for any organization, as they deal with confidential data on a daily basis. So, before you put yourself out there and risk getting rejected, make sure you have all the information about the job and the opportunities it provides.

All of the data an operator in a company works on must be entered into an electronic database for further confirmation. The information needs to be verified and compared with the source to assure the accuracy of the document. However, the job is not strictly related to massive corporations; non-profit organizations and other sectors are in high demand for an operator with data execution skills.

Although many organizations look for professionals strictly, there is a way to get noticed - start with numerous businesses that usually outsource their data entry services to save costs and gain flexibility. While it’s desirable to own a certificate or a degree in business software, spreadsheets, or databases, you can get hired with a high school diploma or GED, and some computer knowledge.

Data Entry Clerk vs. Data Entry Operator

First of all, it is important to know that data entry positions vary. For those who don’t have 1-5 years of experience in this field, for them, it is recommended to consider applying for data entry clerk responsibilities. To get this working position, all you need is a high school diploma and some proof of typing and MS Office tools knowledge. The job description includes:

  • Transferring paper formats data into electronic files or database systems
  • Typing data collected from customers
  • Creating spreadsheets without mistakes
  • Verifying data
  • Retrieving and updating data
  • Assuring data safety through regular backups and organization

On the other hand, data entry operators deal with word processing, computerized customer files, letters, documents, mailing, numeric data entry, basically everything that concerns valuable data. The difference is that data entry clerks handle different operations and are not that involved with crucial data management. Therefore, getting hired as an operator can be harder as it demands proficiency.

How to Apply for a Data Entry Job

To get a solid chance of getting accepted, straighten out your expectations and resume. Think about your qualities and make your inexperience seems like a chance to prosper and develop working skills. Highlight examples of success, commitments, and your motivation to grow. Make a list of your computer skills. Remember to showcase your assets, professionalism, and approachability.

Nonetheless, if you haven’t already started, begin building your network right away. Building a personal network is an excellent way to get to a dream job sooner or later. The internet is one big community that offers a lot of opportunities so take advantage of it and make connections. Social media can supply beneficial relations that can lead to a better job position.

Also, it is advisable to take some training or a class to expand your knowledge. Enter the field you are interested in with a proper education and a working drive. To thrive, make sure to apply for appropriate positions. No matter how much you work on your resume, the reality is that you will need to prove it to get hired.

Understanding the needs of this job and pointing out the knowledge you possess will make a great cover letter and increase the chances of getting called for an interview. Once you get there, stay calm, professional, and don’t forget to communicate and ask questions. Good luck!

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